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18th January 2023
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Oaks – Genesis Of The Abstract

Label: Argonauta Records / Release date: 30th September 2022
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Oaks is a conceptual metal and instrumental progressive trio consisting of Thibault L (Guitars), Julien V (Bass) and Nathan RL (Drums). They are based in Paris and Genesis Of The Abstract is their seven-tracker debut album.

This whole project is created with an aim of creating the music that is conceptual, massive, incisive, powerful and free of any genre boundaries. On Genesis Of The Abstract, released by Argonauta Records, they invite the listener into their own universe of a complex sounds and different atmospheres. Apart from being instrumental and progressive, their music is a diverse blend of brutal and powerful sounds, and with few calm and slow-down moments, before it all explodes again. In that sense one can say that their sound is diverse, progressive and partly experimental – some might even call it a post-metal.

In the further few lines let me say a few words on each of the seven tracks presented here. Thus, the album opens with the ambient sounds of “The Genesis”. This is a song that is filled with haunting & dark atmospheres, while introducing the album with a narrative female vocal. Next one is called “The Void”, and unlike its predecessor, this one is a bit heavier, with solid and intense drums, driving bass lines and heavy and sharp guitar riffs. This particular song is the best example of band’s progressive and post-metal approach mentioned above. Then comes the longest song on the album, the one entitled “The Harmonist”, which clocks at over 10 minutes of intense instrumental interplays, beginning with somehow slow and distorted sounds, for gradualy to intensify. It’s characterised by this dark and haunting atmosphere that is characteristic for the whole release. In the middle of the song one can even hear some tasty guitar solo and excellent riffing and strong drumming parts. Now follows band’s second single, and my album-favourite, a track called “The Charm”. This is a rather heavy and progressive song (watch the clip below) with deep bass lines, engaging riffs and numerous tempo changes. It makes this particular track the most diverse and progressive of any songs presented here. “The Dawn” on the other hand is the shortest one here, with only sound of the guitar present here. Meanwhile, it settles the pace for the rest of the album, as well as creating those beautiful images and dreamy/icy atmosphere. “The Abstract” somehow takes over where “The Chasm” ended, with massive guitar rifs, engaging melodic lines and overall delicate & excellent guitar work. Despite of its heavy nature, this song, like all the others, becomes darker and more ambient towards the end. Ambient and electronic modulations are also some of the features of the closing track named “The Shape”. It’s another relatively short song, with a solid rhythm section, while evolving in intesity and tempo. This song, like the opening “The Genesis” contains some narrative (female) vocals, which kinds of serve this album well, making it a full circle.

With the release of this highly anticipated debut Genesis Of The Abstract the guys from Oaks offer a brutal incursion in a dense, abundant and evocative music at the crossroads between Mastodon, Tool, Russian Circles and Pink Floyd.

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