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No Life Code – Maldoror’s Metamorphosis

Label: UKEM Records/Death Protal Studios / Release date: 14th November 2020
  • 80%
    No Life Code - Maldoror's Metamorphosis - 80%

Maldoror’s Metamorphosis is a debut album by a Spanish black metal duo going under the moniker, No Life Code. The band consists of J. Nefarious (multi-instrumentalist) and M. Berserk (vocalist), noth ‘well-known from Spanish underground scene and bands such as Aposento, Itnuveth, Cult of Self Destruction and MurderWorker‘. They might be known for their contribution in the aforementioned bands, but they still want to remain ‘unknown’ and a rather mysterious act. Take for an example songtitles which aren’t really a songtitles in traditional way, but rather just a roman numbers from “I” to “VIII”.

Thus, Maldoror’s Metamorphosis (apparently based on a narrative “Los cantos Maldonor” by the French writer Count de Lautréamont) features eight anthems of malicious and hate-filled extreme black metal. It spins over almost 32 minutes of a fast, galloping and raging tempo from one track to another. To be fair, the tracks don’t differ from one another, and you’re never sure when one tracks ends and another begins. At no time during this record this duo seems to slow it down.
Black metal nihilistic riffing, galloping bass rhythms, death metal style hellish drumming and spiteful and growling vocals are just some of the things are just some of the characteristics of this release. According to my statement from above, one should not presume that it’s a piece of simplistic and primitive black metal, as that’s not the case, as Maldoror’s Metamorphosis demands your full attention!

Lyrically they’re all about occultism, misanthropy and nihilism. Speaking in general terms, the music of No Life Code have an enormous emotional power and leaves any listener emotionally drained after a couple of listenings. Production is not perfect, clean nor polished, but it is unique in its own way where all instruments, and vocals, are captured perfectly. More importantly the surrounding atmosphere is cold, evil and gloomy, again perfectly enhancing and symbolizing the overall nature of this release.

This Spanish duo has produced an extremely impressive and strong debut release that will appeal to fans of Sargeist, Behexen, Mayhem and Gorgoroth. Definately worth checking out!

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