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19th September 2016
Eric Johnson – Europe Live
21st September 2016

Meshiaak – Alliance of Thieves

Label: Mascot / Release Date: 19th August 2016
  • 88%
    Meshiaak – Alliance of Thieves - 88%

Despite having only existed for two years as a band and so far released a single full-length release, Meshiaak has nonetheless created quite a bit of stir in my little head. Most noticeably because they are one of the few new bands out there (that I fall upon at least) who do what they can in order to remain close to the Thrash Metal roots of the eighties. It should be noted, however, that they do, by their own admission, have quite a few Progressive influences which can be found within their music – But not overly much so. In fact, the overall feel created by this combination throws my thoughts toward the bay-area based Thrash Metal bands of the eighties, as well as their associated acts. And since I happen to be very fond of this particular version of the Thrash Metal scene, Meshiaak so far plays their way in under my skin quite skillfully. Turning our attention directly towards the album at hand, Alliance of Thieves contains nine tracks, spans forty-seven and a half minutes, all of them written, produced and performed by the Australian quartet. And, since all four of these ar musicians with considerable talent and experience from different Thrash and Heavy Metal bands (with one noticeable exception), this is done very professionally and with much success. While picking a favourite track to showcase from Alliance of Thieves is a bit tricky, I am going to adhere to the advice of the band and add a link to the track ”Edge of the World”, since it fully shows both the talent, expertise and ambitions of the four Aussies. And really, can you ask for much more from the first single from a bands first full-length release?

Recommended for fans of Artillery, Death Angel and the more experimental tracks from Megadeth.

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