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8th June 2016
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Lola Stonecracker – Doomsday Breakdown

Label: Atomic Stuff / Release Date: 2015
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    Lola Stonecracker – Doomsday Breakdown - 45%

Lola Stonecracker is an Italian Hard Rock quintet, one that I have been able to find precious little about. What I have been able to discern, however, is the name of their newest release (which is Doomsday Breakdown), as well as learning that their agenda seems to be bringing Hard Rock into the new millennium. This is done by taking the basic Hard Rock recipe (simple, yet catchy rhythms,

matching lyrics and a ballad or two thrown in) and adding a bit of speed as well keeping it casual, in a lack of a better word. Do not misunderstand me, this is not at all as mellow and calm as I might make it sound; To me it just lacks the passion and intensity (and the vulgar lyrics) that their eighties counterparts spent the better part of a decade perfecting. Sure, I do not doubt that this type of music has its charm – I am simply still stuck in a year that ran out thirty years ago. But I digress; Back to the matter at hand, Doomsday Breakdown contains a grand total of fifteen tracks (which is not bad), each one more catchy and typically Hard Rock than the last – Yet still not entirely. There is no doubt, after listening to tracks such as ”Jigsaw” (a link to the music video can be found below), that Lola Stonecracker are talented musicians, and I likewise have no doubt that they will help shape what Hard Rock will end up looking like in the future – I just prefer the old style. One of the drawbacks of getting old, I suppose.

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