Five Minutes Hate – Explanation to Failure – Metal Revolution
The Golden Grass – Coming Back Again
1st June 2016
MILF – More Than You
6th June 2016

Five Minutes Hate – Explanation to Failure

Label: Nadir Music / Release Date: 13th May 2016
  • 58%
    Five Minutes Hate – Explanation to Failure - 58%

Explanation to Failure is the first ever release (full-length or otherwise) from Italian quintet Five Minutes Hate, a Melodic Death Metal act that has been around for twelve years now. And in that time, they seem to have been spending their time honing their skills practicing their instruments and generally exploring how they want their own sound to be. This has resulted in a somewhat modern Melodic Death Metal album, not unlike what you would expect from bands such as In Flames as they are today, yet with one exception: Five Minutes Hate seem to have taken a lesson or two from the Metalcore scene. This means that, spread across the ten tracks present on Explanation to Failure, are several breakdowns, simple, fast riffs and the gruff, almost dry growl that often accompanies these. All in all, this makes Five Minutes Hate stand out a bit since they are carrying elements from both genres and combining them quite succesfully. Sure, seeing as I am not a particularly big fan of the latter, I would have preferred a more melodious approach. Nevertheless, I cannot deny that tracks such as ”Change Your Life” are well executed and quite expertly shows off what the band is capable of. Now, the band has set the bar from which they wish to be measured – And I am sure that they are more than up for the challenge to stay above it. They have managed to make a few tweaks to create something that fans of both genres should be able to relate to, and that is always quite impressive. Sadly, none of their tracks are present on YouTube, so instead I hope that the teaser included below will entice you to find the band and give them a chance, provided that either of the two mentioned genres are something for you.

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