Exp. Zeroone – Bioscrape – Metal Revolution
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14th September 2016
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19th September 2016

Exp. Zeroone – Bioscrape

Label: Overdub / Release Date: 2013
  • 48%
    Exp. Zeroone – Bioscrape - 48%

Exp. Zeroone is a band that I have had an almost notoriously hard time learning anything about, so I hope that you will bear with me and accept that I can tell very little about them as a band, apart from them hailing from Italy. What I can tell you is that Bioscrape is, in more or less any interpretation of the genre, a Hardcore album. It does what it can in order to incorporate groovey rhythms and angry, growling vocals atop of a simple, catchy (and slightly monotonous) framework. All of this combined has created a ten track album riddled with queer (as in weird or mysterious) sounds, repetitive guitar riffs and the occasional breakdown – All in all a pretty standard Hardcore release. This is, as I so often state, both a good and a bad thing: Good because it means that Bioscrape with all likelihood will fall into the taste of most Hardcore fans who manage to get their hands on it. Bad because it means that there is nothing present in any of these ten tracks that help define what Exp. Zeroone is and sounds like as a band – And that means that very few will be able to remember the bands name (that is my fear at least). Personally I face the additional hurdle of listening to very few bands like Exp. Zeroone; Which means that it is even more difficult for me to differentiate them from other bands like them. Nevertheless, I do remember having listened to quite a bit of Mendeed in my day, and I suppose this is not too far off. Below you can find a link to the track ”Rew Punch” – Give it a chance if you like either Mendeed or Hardcore as a whole.


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