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13th February 2020
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25th February 2020

Ethir Anduin – Loneliness of My Life

Label: Satanath / Release Date: 21st November 2018
  • 57%
    Ethir Anduin – Loneliness of My Life - 57%

Ethir Anduin is a Russian solo act (up until recently, that is) that specializes in a mixture of Black and Doom Metal as his chosen genre. He does this, and has done so in various EP’s, Demos and Full-length releases since 2006, by combining the constant, efficient and powerfully evocative riffs of Black Metal as the foundation for a monotonous and simplistic approach to his music – Adding up to something inbetween, as one would undoubtedly expect.

Overall the music is down-trodden, low-key and borderline instrumental throughout all eight tracks (which, by the way, adds up to nearly one hour and ten minutes of playtime) with only the occasional statements thrown in – Which works quite well for Ethir Anduin. Granted, I have never really been all that interested in all-instrumental albums (even though I have a penchant for the occassional track), which is one of several reasons why I was surprised that Loneliness of My Life intrigued me as much as it did.

All in all, it has the feel and approach of a soundtrack for a particularly engaging movie, starting in medias res and just keeping up appearances, conserving energy and straggling along, all the way through to the end – To great effect. Granted, this is perhaps not a band that I would expect to see playing live as presented here, but considering that Ethir Anduin recentely added a vocalist to their roster (as a matter of fact, Loneliness of My Life is the last record released as a solo act), I can easily see them growing into quite the live experience as well as a powerful digital presence.

Below the album can be found in its entirety, courtesy of the World Wide Web. Just remember to set off an hour to truly appreciate it.