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20th April 2017
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26th April 2017

Endless Voyage X – Those Whom Time Forgot

Label: Fragile Branch / Release Date: Summer 2017
  • 76%
    Endless Voyage X – Those Whom Time Forgot - 76%

While the whole one-man-band has always, to some extent at least, been a thing, it does seem to have had a resurgence in recent days; Perhaps it is due to the ease of which one can promote themselves these days; Perhaps there has simply been a rise in multi-talented artists; Or perhaps I have just hit a lucky streak. Whatever the reason, I see a lot of these constellations, many of them related in one form or another to the Black Metal scene. And the latest band to cross my path is no different. The Ohio-based musician creates an releases music under the band name Endless Voyage X. He formed the band as early as last year, where he also released a single Demo. And later this summer (if it is ever going to arrive to Europe), he has revealed that a second Demo is to hit the shelves. This one wil bear the title Those Whom Time Forgot, and will be an extension of his Doom Metal-infused Black Metal sound. To those of you who might be curious as to what that may sound like, I can reveal that the description above is quite apt; Endless Voyage X has taken a Black Metal mould, slowed down the music considerably, turned down the distortions and added a few melancholic guitar solos. As such Those Whom Time Forgot is an album more aimed at fans of the Doom Metal genre, than the more traditional Black Metal scene (even though it does have several qualities as well as an overall feel that greatly speaks to the Atmospheric Black Metal fan within me). As is teh case with all Doom Metal releases (in my opninion at least), this album works the best when listened to in its entirety (which is not too difficult to find the time to do, averaging at about twenty-some minutes divided across four tracks), from start to finish while taking the time to really delve deep into it. Sure, you can play it in your car on your way to work and still consider it to be a decent record; But it truly shines in all its melancholic glory when you allow the Demo to really open up and swallow you up whole. Overall I would say that I am very impressed with Endless Voyage X. Those Whom Time Forgot is a very good second release, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for this up-and-coming American once he gets a bit more blood on his teeth. Sadly, nothing has been released as of yet from this album officially, so all I can do is link to hie previous work. Said link can be found below.

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