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17th May 2022
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Dèhá – Decadanse

Label: Les Acteurs De l'Ombre / Release Date: 18th March 2022
  • 90%
    Dèhá – Decadanse - 90%

One thing that is certain when a new Dèhá release drop in through your mail box is that you are never quite sure what it is you are receiving. Since the Belgium-based musician first started recording and releasing music back in 2006 he has done so under a wide variety of monikers, band names and in conjunction with several very talented and dedicated artists. The only thing that seems to be consistent is the fact that the end product will always end up beig very intricate, well-polished and with an eye for detail – All of which hallmarks of not only a good musician, but one with a clear concept as well as end goal in mind, something made infinitely easier for him to achieve considering that he is fully capable of (and often do) perform every single instrument and write all the lyrics himselves.

This leads me into talking about his newest release, a Full-length destined to carry the name of its creator as well as the added title Decadanse – A two-parter between the track ”The Devil’s Science” and ”I Am The Dead”, the two of whom add up to a running total just shy of forty-five and a half minutes.

This time around, Dèhá has leaned into the type of music that I personally take a large amount of shine to, being a very atmospheric approach to slow, meticulous Black Metal (not that it is ever easy to pin down perfectly). As such, both tracks contain both powerful blast beats, menacing growls and relentless oppression courtesy of both overlapping vocals and a tortured keyboard. Dèhá has never been shy of experimenting with his music, something that I would normally be averse to considering my very rigid mindset – However he not only makes it work, he is a master of making if both appealing, creating an atmosphere that you let drag you in for the ride.

I am often remembered of a quote I was tauch in grade school years ago that seems apt when describing musicians (or indeed any artist) with talents on a level such as this: Before you can begin experimenting and bend the rules (of your chosen genre/art/approach), first you need to master said rules. In my opinion, Dèhá is one such master.

Is it his best work ever? I am sadly unqualified to say, since I am still struggling to get my hands on everything he has ever produced. But it is definitely worth a spin for fans, but old and new alike.

Recommended for fans of Cruel Wonders and newer Wolves In The Throne Room.

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