Dan Deagh Wealcan – Fragmented Counsciousness – Metal Revolution
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12th September 2016
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14th September 2016

Dan Deagh Wealcan – Fragmented Counsciousness

Label: Self-released / Release Date: 15th Febuary 2016

I remember having severe problems with defining and wrapping my head around Dan Deagh Wealcan at some point in the past, due to their rather (for me) peculiar and unique nature. Their newest release, Fragmented Consciousness, has so far proven to be every bit as challenging as the last time. The duet has themselves admitted to being an experimental band – I wholeheartedly agree, since I consider their sixteen new tracks to be a veritable furnace of sounds, instruments and even vocal styles, that seem to range all over the spectrum. Sure, I can understand, to some extent, why we received Fragmented Consciousness; This, Dan Deagh Wealcan’s third full-length release, do have some elements that I recognize and would be able to relate to, under different circumstances. However, they also encompass many other aspects of other musical genres than the ones we focus on here at Metal Revolution. To such an extent, in fact, that I believe this type of music is usually referred to by the ‘Indie’ moniker (I am not sure, though – It is not something that I listen to myself). All in all I find myself completely and utterly unable to relate to Fragmented Consciousness, as well as the tracks the title represents – It is, by a wide margin, too far away from anything I know and enjoy. And, sadly for the band, this is shown through the numbers at the bottom. Basically, I do not believe that this is the right venue for the Russian – Ukranian duo. My money would be to aim their efforts at the Indie scene. Nevertheless, taste is a personal matter, and below you can find the official teaser for the album, if you feel bolder or more open-minded than I.


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