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23rd March 2018
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Crisix – Against All Odds

Label: Listenable / Release Date: 23rd March 2018
  • 85%
    Crisix – Against All Odds - 85%

Today marks the release of the fourth full-length album (and fourth release overall – This band does not bother with anything less than a full album, an approach I can appreciate) from the Spanish Thrash Metallers Crisix. This album, however, is more than that, since it also marks the tenth anniversary of the inception of the band, if you count the three years they were active under the name Crysys – Which I obviously do for two important reasons: One, the names are similar enough to not warrant any real confusion. And secondly, the sheer amount of experience and routine that the band has amassed during this period has no doubt help the five musicians into who they are today, as well as help shape the form and direction of Crisix as a whole.

Like many other Thrash Metal artists, both in times gone by and in the modern nights, Crisix focus on a fast-paced, aggressive and fairly simple, yet catchy build musically. This creates a very energetic and powerful atmosphere when played loud (and let us be honest – Why would you do anything else when spinning a Thrash Metal album?) and inevitably leads to a strong desire to raid the fridge of all your beer.

What makes Against All Odds (as the new album is called) different from many of the more politically attuned Thrash Metal releases out there (granted, these were probably more predominant in the mid- to late eighties, but thankfully they still pop up from time to time) is its focus upon mainstream culture as a whole – Including several references to my beloved eighties.

Tracks of note would be ”Xenomorph Blood”, an anything-but-subtle reference to the long-running Alien franchise as well as a more contemporary, but still easily recognized fictional allusion by the song ”The North Remembers”.

The before-mentioned catchy sound and overall aggressive stance taken throughout the record is well-balanced with the lyrical themes and references that they have riddles the album with, thereby managing to pay respects to the source material and still creating something new, something wholly Crisix. Definitely not the last time that I will be paying their website a visit.

Recommended for fans of Machine Head and late to modern Anthrax

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