Burden of Life – In Cycles - Metal Revolution
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9th March 2016
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11th March 2016

Burden of Life – In Cycles

Label: Noizgate / Release Date: 29th April 2016
  • 42%
    Burden of Life - In Cycles - 42%

Burden of Life is a German Melodic Death Metal five-piece, yet another that came into existance immediately after the start of the new millennium. Now, fourteen years later, they have released three full-length albums, and their fourth, In Cycles, is set to be released in just over a month. Despite drawing heavily upon their Swedish predecessors, they also seem to have taken a slight modern twist, adding a few almost ballad-like tracks to their newest release. On top of that, they have also created a wide range of different songs, all of them very different, yet still clearly made by the same band. Even the length of the tracks vary greatly, with the shortest being approximately four minutes long, as opposed to the longest track (the last one on the album), which is three times as long. Musically. Burden of Life have managed to create a very diverse album and still managing to mould it into a full record, one that clearly belongs together. That being said, however, for all their efforts and the addition of more modern elements, Burden of Life lacks something… Special. For what it is worth, the five Germans are all talented musicians. Yet I find nothing in In Cycles which will help me remember it in the future, nor does it have much replayability for me. Nevertheless, tracks such as the twelve minute long last track makes the record as a whole well worth a spin. So basically, In Cycles is an album made by fans of the genre, for fans of the genre. Which means that if you are into the newer albums of Arch Enemy and In Flames (albeit with a twist), I recommend picking up this one next month. Now sadly, I have been unable to find any online links to any singles for this album, so sadly, you will have to wait a while before getting a sneak peek at the album.


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