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7th March 2016
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10th March 2016

Rimfrost – Rimfrost

Label: Non Serviam / Release Date: 25th March 2016
  • 92%
    Rimfrost - Rimfrost - 92%

A little atypical for most bands, yet they still did it: Rimfrost releases their self-titled album later this year. That is, in and of itself, not that unusual. The fact that it is not their debut album, is. In actuality, Rimfrost is the third full-length album from the Swedish trio. While I cannot say anything about any of their previous releases (I have not had the pleasure of getting my hands on them, sadly), their newest creation is a modern Black Metal extravaganza, striving to bring the past traditions of the genre into the new age, and combining it with said traditions. The end result is a very Melodic, very heavily Death Metal inspired at times, Black Metal album, where the strongest knots to said genre is tied through the occassional blast beats and the powerful, menacing growl brought forth by the lead singer slash guitarist. Of strong Death Metal traditions that have been incorporated into the album can be mentioned simple, yet powerful riffs seen alongside technically advanced drums and an overall feel of controlled aggression. All of this is delivered quite expertly so by three very talented (and very experienced) musicans. Anything else would have been peculiar, since Rimfrost as a band has existed since the year 2002. And prior to that, all three Swedes played in different bands which most likely also added to their combined years of expertise. Due to the blend of genres the band has chosen, i suppose that Rimfrost as an album can be classified as either a Black Metal album with strong Death Metal influences, or as a so-called ‘Blackened’ Death Metal album. But whatever you want to call it, if you like any of these two genres, I recommend listening to ”Beyond the Mountains of Rime” at least once. If your musical taste is even slightly similar to my own, that should result in you listening to all forty-seven minutes of the album,, enjoying every minute of it.

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