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7th May 2016
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10th May 2016

Black Bleeding – A Bright Future

Label: Nihilistic Holocaust / Release Date: 20th September 2014
  • 83%
    Black Bleeding – A Bright Future - 83%

Black Bleeding is one of those oldies, but goldies that you somehow never really seem to hear about until you stumble across them by accident (for me that part is true at least). The Belgium-based trio have been active since the late nineties (1998 to be precise) and have released three full-length albums in that time. And despite the nearly twenty years that have passed since the bands inception, none of the time between now and then are present on A Bright Future, their most recent release. For me, the title of the album is both a promise and a proof delivered by the band that old-fashioned, brutal and violently aggressive Death Metal does still exist. The record contains eight tracks in total, all of which consists of the same parts: Repetitive, fast and firm guitar riffs, powerful drum blasts, deep and guttural growls promising all kinds of hurt and a relentless bass to add even more depth to the sound. Bear in mind though, that despite the tracks are all very similar, they are all still distinct tracks in their own right (which, in my opinion, is a testament to the sheer talent and dedication of Black Bleeding), and each and every one of them is worth a spin or two. ”Three More Beers and the Truth” is the third track on A Bright Future and probably the track that impressed me the most – I cannot put my finger on why though, since I am having a hard time picking out any particular track being better than all the others; They all have their own merits. But still, the above-mentioned track is where I would put the majority of my money, even if I cannot explain why. But still, being fair and all, I will link to the title track and urge all of you (as always) to listen to the whole thing. If you are into Blackened Death Metal (the Black part is mostly found through distortion and the vocal style), you will not be disappointed. Recommended for fans of A God Dethroned, among others.

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