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8th May 2016
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12th May 2016

No Man Eyes – Cosmogony

Label: Diamonds / Release Date: 13th February 2016
  • 50%
    No Man Eyes – Cosmogony - 50%

No Man Eyes is an Italian Heavy Metal quartet that has existed for five years running. In that time they have released two full-length albums, the second of which is entitled Cosmogony. Within it is contained forty-two minutes of catchy, simple and quite modern Heavy Metal, divided more or less equally between ten tracks, with a single minute spent on creating an intro for the album. And while I definitely have nothing to critisize the record for, I am likewise at a loss to point out anything new or groundbreaking. Basically, No Man Eyes have brought forth a very decent Heavy Metal album, made to perfectly fit into what the genre has become today. As I stated above, it means that the album is great as something to throw on at a party – I highly doubt most would have a problem with it. On the other side of the coin however, Cosmogony delivers very little to make it unique; and as such it sadly drowns in all of the other releases, the genre produces. ”Blossoms of Creation” proves my point quite well: Four-and-half minutes of catchy riffs, simple drums, and well-matching vocals and bass. In and of itself, it is very good music – And I get the impression that No Man Eyes as a band is capable of creating something far greater. And I hope to be proven right sometime in the future.

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