3rd Machine – Quantified Self
18th August 2016
Corruption – Devil’s Share
30th August 2016

Bewitcher – Bewitcher

Label: Diabloic Might / Release Date: 18th August 2016
  • 90%
    Bewitcher – Bewitcher - 90%

Three years ago the same amount of friends (or fellow musicans at least) banded together in order to bring back old-school Speed Metal (as they themselves call it), as played by the likes of Motörhead and other, perhaps lesser known titans of that era. So far I would say that they have succeeded, especially after their fist full-length the self-titled Bewitcher, hit the stores a couple of days ago. Sure, the band might be fairly new, but the music is almost completely taken from the late seventies and early eighties; It does have a slight modern tinge through a somewhat Blackened sound that the band themselves describe. I can hear it, but I do not seem to be able to pinpoint exactly what it is, exactly. Perhaps the way the instruments are distorted. But I digress. The mild modern twist aside, Bewitcher as a band seem to cater specifically towards old-shool Heavy Metal slash Speed Metal fans, in the vein of Motörhead (as mentioned above), Armored Saint and W.A.S.P. This is made even more evident through the fact that the album, for starters, will only be released on vinyl (with a digital and CD release being produced and sold at a later date). Overall, Bewitcher offers very little new: But then again, given the nostalgic feel and point of the band, that is hardly what it is you would want nor expect. Instead, the trio of Americans offer a very welcome blast from the past, one that I would be more than happy to play for, and with, every friend and family member that I have who have an interest, or a love to, Heavy, Thrash or Speed Metal. The band itself seem to be very fond of the track ”Speed ‘Till You Bleed” for obvious reasons. If any of the above sounds interesting, then you owe it to yourself to give this record (and the track below) a chance. Go for it. Recommended for fans of Motörhead, Armored Saint and W.A.S.P., as mentioned almost too many times in this fairly short review.


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