D.D. Verni (USA)
12th September 2018
Ambers (Germany)
7th September 2019
D.D. Verni (USA)
12th September 2018
Ambers (Germany)
7th September 2019

Murderworker (Spain)

Interview with Jesus


Murderworker are a death metal combo from Seville, Spain. The band have recently released their debut album titled Where The Screams Becomes Silence through the Base Recs Prod label. The band was looking for ways to get a promotion through an interview so they can introduce their music for our readers. Here are the results; our exclusive interview with this upcoming underground death metal act.

MR: Hey. First would you introduce your band for our readers, a glimpse of history if you want?

MurderWorker: Hello! Well, Murderworker are a band from Seville, from the south of Spain. We are formed in early 2017 with three musicians from other bands of the Spanish extreme scene. We tried to make Death Metal and recently we released our CD debut with Base Rec Prod. label.

MR: Recently you’ve released Where The Screams Becomes Silence album. What can you tell us about it? How would you describe the sound for someone who’s yet unfamiliar with your band?

MurderWorker: Right! Our debut was released a few weeks ago and contain 12 cuts within Death Metal in its most classic way, dark and rotten… With influences from the old school, both European and American. Our sound is quite similar to that of Scandinavian bands and our compositions are more focused on developing a simple atmosphere with good guitar riffs than in dizzy listening with complicated structures and incessant changes of tempo.

MR: What inspired you when writing lyrics and composing music for Where The Screams Becomes Silence?

Murderworker: We are mainly inspired by the music we have listened to throughout our lives. If it sounds dark and heavy it will be a good influence for us (Laughing). The lyrics of the album compose a conceptual story of fiction that speaks of a character named Jeffery Killmer, a ruthless murderer who is always looking for victims to show his ax.

MR: You’ve always insisted playing stylish old school death metal. Was it done deliberately and are there any other bands and genres you listen to?

Murderworker: It was not deliberate. The members of the band are over 40 years old and we started listening to extreme music with 10 or 15 years old… you know, Venom, Sepultura, Kreator, Bathory, Sodom, Celtic Frost… We have played in bands of other styles like Hardcore, Grind Core or Doom Metal… But when we have tried to make Death Metal what emerges is more of necessity than something deliberate. In short, our style is Old School for a simple matter of necessity!

MR: How pleased are you with the support ‘Base Record Production’ offers you?

Murdrworker: We are very happy with Base Rec Prod. They are a modest and underground label, but enough for us. We do not know what the future holds for us in our relationship with them, but until now they have covered all our expectations! Underground band on an Underground label, all right!

MR: When writing music, how do you approach song-writing/composition with respect to organization or structuring to achieve a result that makes sense and feels complete?

Murderworker: Normally the process is the same always. Everything is born from one to several guitar riffs, or some interesting melody… later we give it a structure, always trying to make it simple, and finally we adapt the structure to the lyrics and the voice. We consider the song finished when we unconsciously feel it.

MR: But what is it about death metal you like? Have you been able to find joy and inspiration through other media, such as literature or film? If so, how do those experiences differ to those had with music?

Murderworker: I like any art show that is dark, mysterious. Whether it’s literature, cinema, music, etc… I’ve always liked the atmosphere created by the first Death Metal bands, and maybe it was albums like Slowly We Rot or Leprosy that defined my definitive taste for Death Metal as a musical style. Throughout the time there have been times when I was interested in other styles, but Death Metal always remained constant, definitely pure love!

MR: In your music, I’m pretty certain I can hear some Obituary, Autopsy, Incantation etc. Have those bands had any influence on MurderWorker’s music? Any other bands you consider important influences of yours?

Murderworker: You have successful friend! We are lovers of these bands that you mention, but we are also influenced by the old era of bands like Carcass, Bolthrower, Demigod, Gorefest, Napalm Death, Entombed…

MR: What about live performances in order to present this album to the wider audience? Planned any gigs outside of Spain?

Murderworker: We have recently started looking for dates to show our live performance. At the moment we have two dates closed by our region. But we hope soon to start shooting outside our area and who knows, we do not rule out one day leaving the Spanish border!

MR: Even though you have just released a new record, do you have any more releases planned in the near future?

Murderworker: The album has just come out, it is still early to consider editing something else. If it is true that before the album our label edited a Split CD / DVD live where we have two live tracks with other bands like Moñigo, Barbarian Prophecies, Anthropodal Humanicide and Wasteland Riders.

MR: Thank you for your time. Is there anything you feel like sharing with our readers?

Murderworker: Thank you for your support and encourage readers to listen to us or buy our CD for only 10 euros with shipping included to info@baserecordproduction.com or directly to the band at murderworkerband@gmail.com. You can also visit us at: https://murderworkerband.bandcamp.com or our Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTUEfRUkSkWMVLjONkXa1_g

Thank you very much and see you soon! Stay Sick!

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