Winterhorde – Maestro - Metal Revolution
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31st March 2016
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7th April 2016

Winterhorde – Maestro

Label: ViciSolum / Release Date: 20th May 2016
  • 73%
    Winterhorde – Maestro - 73%

I try my best not to have any prejudices in my life, whether it refers to nationality, personality, music or otherwise. And while I like to think that this for the most part, is true, I do occasionally become surprisec by some of the records, that Bato kindly provides me with. The newest incident was when I received the album Maestro: First of all, it is a seven piece act (a bit more than I had expected from a Black Metal band). Secondly, they hail from the northern part of Israel, which, I must admit, I did not expect. And after listening to Winterhorde’s most recent release, I cannot for the life of me understand why that would surprise me. Having been around for the better part of two decades, the seven musicians have spent their time wisely, honing their skills and working together in order to create their own style of (very) Melodic Black Metal. Their label describes Maestro as an ‘epic tale of classical music and divine madness’, which is a quote that I agree with. Winterhorde is definitely a Black Metal band through and through, although they cannot distance themselves from a strong Power Metal-like influence (which is what makes them a very melodious band). And luckily for me, Winterhorde have been kind enough to release a single from Maestro which I can then show you below. Sure, it is not my favourite track from the album, but it excellently shows what the rest of the release has in store as well as what the band has to offer. And without further delay; ”Antipath”.

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