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25th November 2015
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28th November 2015

Véhémence – Assiége

Label: Self-released / Release Date: February 21th, 2014
  • 95%
    Véhémence – Assiége - 95%

Recently I have had my eyes opened up for the massive efficiency and great sound that, apparently, almost any French Black Metal band is capable of producing. So when Bato sent me the self-released debut album of (obviously French) Véhémence, i leapt at the opportunity as quickly as humanly possible. Sadly, I was unable to find any (and i mean any) information regarding the band online except the fact that yes, they exist. Musically, they were pretty much what I was expecting after reading that they label themselves as ‘Medieval Black Metal’ – I. E. they play Second Wave Black Metal with a medieval twist which in this case means lyric-wise. And, just as I was partially hoping, very much counting on, Assiénce is just up my alley. It is relentless, it is powerful, contains clear growls as well as distorted, yet somehow equally clear instruments. Especially the drums have carried well through the mixing process, giving the album a very distinct and fantastic sound – Something that I hope the band will continue to include on upcoming albums (and yes, if they can keep up this high level of performance after signing up with the label ‘Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum’ I am convinced that Assiénce is merely the first of many releases to come). Véhémence even managed to remain clearly a more traditional Black Metal act without having the muddled, rough filter that sometimes permeade the genre (remember, that I actually praised them for their very clear sound just a while ago). At six tracks, Assience lasts a very decent forty-five minutes and a single second. And not a single one of them is wasted. The only thing I needed in order to defend a higher rating would be for them to have offered something new and unique to the genre, which they did not to – But then again, that is probably why I enjoy it so much.


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