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4th August 2016
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5th August 2016

Unchained Reality – Unchained Reality

Label: Painted Bass / Release Date: 11th September 2015
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    Unchained Reality – Unchained Reality - 50%

I suppose that Unchained Reality can be considered the solo project of vocalist Koert Van Zon, seeing as how he is the driving force between the bands first ever release, full-length or otherwise. And, in the best Heavy Metal tradition (again, very fitting), the quintet decided to make the album self-titled: Unchained Reality. The five Dutch musicians have banded together in order to create a new Heavy Metal band, complete in all its modern glory. All in all, the album contains eleven tracks, one of which is dedicated to a departed friend of the lead singer (see Van Zon above). Musically, the five musicians know exactly how to use their instruments, and the vocal tracks (and lyrics) fit together quite nicely. That being said, however, I do need something to make this album stand out. As a whole, it is a decent album, just one of those that offer very little for you to remember it by, or to help you, as a listener, build up a strong liking to it. As such, I can say nothing overly positive about Unchained Reality (as much as I want to). Thankfully, I suppose, it also means that I have nothing particularly negative to say either. Overall, tracks such as ”Still Fucking Mad” are probably ones that I would play once or twice at social gatherings; However, it is not something that I will end up listening to when I am sitting alone and just fully enjoying the music. But be that as it may, Unchained Reality as a band is a Heavy Metal act that I have no doubt has great potential, so I recommend any Heavy Metal fans to keep their eye on these five gentlemen to see what they might come up with next. But for now, please enjoy the first single released from the album, which is entitled ”You Will Always Be Alive”.


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