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21st December 2016
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9th January 2017

Thyrane – Black Harmony

Label: Woodcut / Release Date: 17th January 2017
  • 78%
    Thyrane – Black Harmony - 78%

While there is absolutely nothing new in Black Harmony (it is, after all, a re-release of the bands first Demo which originally saw the light of day to decades ago) it is still a welcoming addition to the world. While the second wave of Black Metal is still going strong, it is always pleasant to be introduced (or, as the case may be, reintroduced) to some of the older albums of the genre. As I mentioned earlier, the album is far from new, and therefore offers nothing new or imaginative to the musical genre to which it belongs. Instead it serves as an excellent example of what Black Metal has to offer, both back in their heyday as well as in the present. Despite merely spanning four tracks, it still offers a fairly impressive running total of thirty-six minutes, every second of which is filled with satanism, misanthropy and a general anti religious theme (exactly as what you would expect given the era and genre the band encompasses). All in all the Finnish quintet is a welcoming blast from the past, albeit one that is most definitely aimed at long-running fans of the genre as well as the band. Below can be found a link to ”Enthroned by Antichrist”, the longest track of the album as well as the track that I find best displays the talent and vision of the band.

Recommended for fans of 1349, Emperor and Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.

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