Glaukom Synod – Vampires and Gorgeous Throats - Metal Revolution
Stormy Atmosphere – Pent Letters
20th December 2016
Thyrane – Black Harmony
1st January 2017

Glaukom Synod – Vampires and Gorgeous Throats

Label: Visceral Circuitry / Release Date: September 2016

Now, I will be the first to admit that the whole Electro scene is far from anything that I can relate to, or even enjoy. As such, it is very hard for me to find anything good or interesting to say about a release like Vampires and Gorgeous Throats. It is labelled as being ‘Dark Electro’ which, upon closer inspection, apparently translates as several sounds and melodies-turned-onslaught through the use of 16 bit software. It contains seven tracks which cover roughly fifteen minutes of, for me, completely indeterminable sounds. Definitely not something I would recommend – But then again, I am far from a fan of the genre.

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