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13th April 2018
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Taiga – Cosmos

Label: Symbol of Domination / Release Date: 15th December 2017
  • 93%
    Taiga – Cosmos - 93%

Truly, I find myself living in a golden age as far as music goes. In this year alone I have come across several fascinating bands, new or otherwise, from various sources (including friends, family and my esteemed colleagues here at Metal Revolution). And once more, I find myself lucky enough to have been made aware of a band that I would never normally have had a chance of finding on my own: Namely, the Russian Depressive Black Metal duet Taiga.

The two musicians banded together four years ago and have steadily been releasing new material since that happened – Adding up to four EP’s and four Full-length albums as of this writing (I am deliberately not counting their released Singles, which would almost double that number). And while I can only judge their music based upon their 2017 full-length release (incidentally also their newest), I will attest to being a fan based on that one album alone.

Cosmos, as the nine tracks long record is entitled might hide behind an English title, but every last track present upon it is delivered in their native Russian. For me this was not at all a problem, despite me not being able to speak nor understand the language, primarily since I find the language to be very well-fitting together with the overall bleak and dysmal atmosphere, that the band conveys – Alledgedly preferring lyrical themes such as sufering from a depression, feeling isolated and mental illnesses.

Granted, I do not understand a single word pronounced across the almost fifty minutes long album, but I do claim to get the gist of things by immersing myself in the overall atmosphere of Cosmos – Expertly conveyed and delivered both by intense, slow and meticulous use of instruments as well as the by now almost trademarked anguish-wrenched vocal approach that many similar bands seem to prefer (and I for one am positively pre-dispositioned towards as well).

Now, my greatest problem while writing this is highligthing one single track to represent the album – For one, no single one has found my particular fancy, as I ended up devouring the entire album in one continuous loop. Secondly, even if I were to choose one, I would never be able to write down the name, let alone pronounce it if called upon to do so. Therefore, I have chosen one at random, which can be found below.

Recommended for fans of Who Dies in Siberian Slush, Trautonist and Thy Light.


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