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27th June 2016
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9th July 2016

Synlakross – Death Bullets for a Forajido

Label: Self-released / Release Date: 26th May 2016
  • 78%
    Synlakross – Death Bullets for a Forajido - 78%

The second album my Spanish Melodic Death Metallers Synlakross is inspired by the wild west, and therefore bears the name Death Bullets for a Forajido (and apparently ‘forajido’ roughly translates into ‘desperado’). In consists of ten tracks which adds up to just above fourty minutes in total. And even though the tracks differ a bit from one another, they still have an overall coherent feel – Something that I always like to see in an album. Musically you can tell that this is not Synlakross’ first album – The record is well directed, the musicians knows their way around their instruments and, most importantly (and most prominently), the female lead singer expertly manages to juggle between powerful, strong growls (which is what she does the most) and very high-pitched, intense clean vocals (which she also does quite well). All of this coupled together does throw to mind the more modern Arch Enemy tracks; Just with the added benefit of clean vocals to make the band stand out as a whole. ”Curly Wolves” exemplifies this quite well, and also shows that Synlakross as a band are capable of balancing between traditional aggression and a more slow, and perhaps a bit melancholic in the more slow passages. Sure, they do not stand out per sé within their chosen genre; But they still have what it takes to claw themselves far up the ladder.

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