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4th March 2018
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7th March 2018

Sunnata – Outlands

Label: Self-released / Release date: 23rd March 2018
  • 90%
    Sunnata - Outlands - 90%

Polish metal and rock scene has most certainly experienced somewhat of a creative explosion in course of a last decade or so. It seems like the rise of internet has helped the unfolding of massive talent this country has to offer.

Sunnata is most definitely another very interesting band hailing from Poland and for some reason my first encounter with this band came in form of their forthcoming third release.

Outlands is dark doomy trip from beginning until the end and besides great song-writing there is simply so much more that makes this album as magnificent as it is. Flawlessly arranged and mixed songs, with a production that is warm and raw, yet easily distinguishable not only between the instruments, but just as much between the layers and layers of perfectly arranged sounds. I’m heaving hard time remembering when was the last time I’ve experienced this level of juggling balance and overall overview from an self-released album.

The band is influenced by the likes Yob, Alice In Chains, Tool and ISIS, but characterizing them as clones of those would be ludicrous. While the influences might be apparent, the outcome is completely its own. The tribal and oriental influences make the already psychedelic post doom even more vibrant. The layers of raw yet fragile textures are breathtaking, and the Swans-inspired repetitive nature with all its overall simplicity serves extremely well with complexity of arrangements. It’s as if the two, not only, balance one-another out, but at the same time serve the greater atmospheric good of the album.

After few spins of Outlands digging into bands back-catalogue was unavoidable. The previous two albums offer almost just as much to dig into, but the new album does come across as more well-rounded, mature and vital. This is mostly due to dazzling handling of layers in songwriting, arranging and the final mix. The drum sound, too, is far better, because it fits the other instruments better, which was not the case on Zorya. As such it serves the music much better.

Sunnata is a unique band and Outlands is a perfect validation of that statement. If you give it time it will swallow you whole into its dark yet gorgeous and hypnotic world. You will feel parallelized and you will love it.



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