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7th April 2016
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11th April 2016

Saviours – Palace of Vision

Label: Listenable / Release Date: 30th October 2015
  • 48%
    Saviours – Palace of Vision - 48%

Saviours is an experimental quartet hailing from California, United States. They have been around for twelve years now, and have in that time done whatever they can to hone and perfect their sound. This has resulted in five full-length albums, the newest of which carries the name Palace of Vision and was released late last year (October to be exact). Now, while I had never even heard of Saviours prior to receiving the Palace of Vision album, it quickly became clear that it is a band with strong roots planted firmly in two camps: One in eighties Heavy Metal and the other in eighties Thrash Metal. They manage to mix these two genres together quite expertly and tinting it with just a hint of monotony, managing to create a record that has elements of both genres but it neither, not really. I must admit to being impressed by this feat, since I rarely come across a band that succeeds in carving out such a unique sound from two different sources, yet managing to keep them somewhat reminiscient of their heritage. That being said, however, the monotony aspect throws me off a bit. For me, music such as this should be delivered with energy and enthusiasm; Perhaps even anger. And by toning down the energy, Saviour makes Palace of Vision an album that I have an even harder time relating to, being as stubborn and old-fashioned as I am. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something new and interesting in the vein of traditional Heavy AND Thrash Metal, you cannot afford to pass up Saviours. And there is no real reason as to why you should: Listenable Records have been kind enough to upload the entire nine track long album to YouTube, all the way from ”The Mountain” to ”The Seeker”. And as such, I recommend that you give them a chance. It will only take roughly forty-three minutes of your time.

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