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1st August 2016
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3rd August 2016

Obsidian – No Self to Sue

Label: Self-released / Release Date: 4th May 2015
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    Obsidian – No Self to Sue - 48%

Obsidian is the solo project of the drummer from the German Death Metal band Era Hex. By his own admission, it is meant as a means to create his own sound, of what hatred, death pain and love sound like to him. The end result, the first full-length release under the moniker Obsidian is entitled No Self to Sue, and can best be described as a Hardcore album, perhaps with just a tinge of Death Metal added (which is understandable – Sacha, the man behind Obsidian spent fifteen years as a drummer for different Death Metal acts). At its core, it has all the hallmarks of a Hardcore album: The music is kept simple, repetitive and catchy, which also goes for the vocal track. I failed, however, in noticing any breakdowns (which is a new within the Hardcore genre for me), and on top of that, Obsidian has brought up a rare, yet novel idea: A hidden track. I am not going to reveal too much about this, but I can let slip that the album officially contains seven tracks and has a running total of approximately thirty minutes; And if you are into traditional Hardcore, I recommend that you give it a spin. In my case, No Self to Sue sadly gave very little new for me to see or enjoy, and as such it merely reminded me of nearly every other band that I have heard playing the same genre. ”Into Battle” is a track that I wound point out as an excellent example of what Obsidian have to offer, as well as a clear marker for people to judge whether or not they would like the band as a whole. Whether Era Hex has anything in common with Obsidian is sadly beyond my knowledge; But a fair guess would be no. But I digress. If you are a fan of traditional Hardcore music, then look further below and you will find a link to the track ”Into Battle”, as (sort of) promised above.