Iron Maiden – From Fear To Eternity
1st June 2011
Leprous – Bilateral
1st August 2011

Nonpoint – Miracle

Label: Powerage/Code7/Plastic Head / Release date: 2nd August 2010
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    Nonpoint - Miracle - 50%

Nonpoint are back with an album, a new guitarist, a new label and even new management. However generally looking there is not much new on Miracle. But the band did change some things since their previous album, which was probably their weakest one to date. These changes might not be head-turning ones, but the metal meets rock approach suits band more then their numetal roots and the fact that Elias Soriano singing is more clear and emotional is a big plus.

Album produced by Mudvayne singer Chad Gray and guitarist Greg Tribbet (also of Hellyeah) has well-balanced sound, but the band sounds like so many other bands in the genre. This combined with the music which doesn’t have much originality about it, results in somewhat unexciting overall feel.

Fortunately the band wrote some deacent tunes for this album and that saves the day. First three tracks offer some good melodies and effective riffing from the new guitarist Zach Broderick.  “Frontlines” slows the things down in style of their 2008 acoustic EP and this suits the band well.

The rest of the album is a slow fall for the band and by the time they dig into Pantera’s “5 Minutes Alone” things start seriously going downhill. The cover of Pantera’s classic is truly pointless and one can’t help, but think that much like this cover Miracle lacks character and any form for originality. Some good melodies and simple, but effective guitar work saves this album, but Nonpoint never come close to creating something outstanding. One spin of Pantera’s 1994 Far Beyond Driven basically points everything, which Miracle lacks; originality, freshness and the attitude.

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