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12th September 2018
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18th September 2018

In Tenebriz – Winternight Poetry

Label: Symbol of Domination / Release Date: 25th May 2018
  • 88%
    In Tenebriz – Winternight Poetry - 88%

I might as well admit it, first instead of last: For numerous reasons, I am what could be called partial as far as this album is considered. Not because I know the musician personally or even because I have had anything to do with production nor having heard any of his previous releases beforehand. No, this is more due to the fact that, if you made a check-list of everything I like and expect from an album such as Winternight Poetry, you would be able to cross off most of the spreadsheet.

First of all, In Tenebriz is a one-man band – Ensuring the creative vision of the mind behind it, with little to no need for compromise due to the lack of other people involved, both musically and when it comes to the cover art. Second, the simplicity; The driving force behind lives in an area called Tenebriz (as far as I have been able to gather), which then became the band name – Followed up by a concise name that covers the themes of the record (more on this later), with every individual ‘chapter’ for a lack of a better word merely being numbered like the chapters of a book.

Third, Winternight Poetry is a concept album, detailing an alternate version of the classical adventure ‘The Snow Queen’, where Kai was trapped in the kingdom of permafrost. All seven songs present on the album serves as each their own chapter, dragging the story along, one slow, atmospheric tune at a time. No pauses inbetween tracks, no break-downs nor solos – Just one near-forty minutes long coherent story, from start to finish. Filled with both emotion and and a small amount of melancholy; A well-chosen fit for the chosen approach.

Last, In Tenebriz plays their own blend of Atmospheric Black Metal with the speed and low-key approach of Doom Metal – Something which seems only ensures that I would get my hands on it one of these days.

Thirteen years after the release of their first full-length record, In Tenebriz releases Winternight Poetry – An album that I am sadly sure is easy to miss, but one that I would still recommend to any fans of the genre, as well as fans of Bal-Sagoth; While their sound might differ to a somewhat wide extent, their approach to telling a story and their dedication to detail seems to be of equal measure.

Look at the link below to listen to his winter tales in all its glory.

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