Hetroertzen – Uprising of the Fallen – Metal Revolution
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16th February 2017
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21st February 2017

Hetroertzen – Uprising of the Fallen

Label: Listenable / Release Date: 24th February 2017
  • 71%
    Hetroertzen – Uprising of the Fallen - 71%

Originally a Chilean-based Black Metal quartet, the members have since their inception (all the way back in 1997, if you count their original alias) moved across several country lines and is now based in Sweden (albeit whether that is because of an actual uprootment of the bands members or from an influx of new members from that area is unknown). Whatever their current line-up, it is to be noted that since they changed their name into Hetroertzen (which they did a scant sixteen years ago), they have been anything but idle. As a matter of fact, since that time they have released five full-length albums and a single Split album. And, in just a few days time, their sixth and newest record is scheduled to hit the streets. It will carry the title Uprising of the Fallen and will function as yet another extension of their praise of Luciferian worship and description of relevant magic (so, as some of you might have quessed, we are talking about a Second Wave Black Metal act). Sure, many could argue that a lot has changed since the heyday of this particular genre, and that the different scenes have changed quite a bit in that time, and people would not be wrong. However, looking at the very big fanbase this particular version of the genre has to this present day (which I consider myself to be a part of as well), it is clear that it is far from a dying breed. On top of that, Hetroertzen has still managed to keep with the times to some extent, removing the heavily distorted and gruff sound that many of their predecessors used (and some still use to this day) instead relying on a more clean, yet still powerfully effective release, one that I took great pleasure in spinning on my way to work this morning. While it can be argued that the band does very little to stand out from the more or less massive crowd of similar bands, they have still managed to create eight very catchy (and definitely listenable) tracks, adding up to a grand total of forty-some minutes of a modern take on the Black Metal genre (complete with a Second Wave background). Playing favourites on this album proved to be impossible (not a bad thing), so instead I opted for taking the easy solution: Below can be found the first single released from Uprising of the Fallen which is entitled ”Zealous Procreation”, complete with lyrical video. Which, by the way, is a fad that I hope end ud lasting for a very long time.


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