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4th January 2016
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Grace Disgraced – Enthrallment Traced

Label: Buil2Kill / Release Date: 1st March 2012
  • 89%
    Grace Disgraced – Enthrallment Traced - 89%

Despite having been around since 2004, it was not until 2012 that the band felt ready to release their debut album. And personally, I feel that it was well worth the wait. One the surface, Grace Disgraced might sound like another attempt at milking the succes of Arch Enemy: A Death Metal act, fronted by a very attractive young woman. However, these four Russians have completely ignored the melodic aspect which helped Arch Enemy rise up to the top of their respective subgenre, and instead focus heavily and completely on a far more aggressive and technical version of Death Metal (which is also evident through the gore and death permeading the artwork of the album). Musically the seven tracks on Enthrallment Traced is a veritable onslaught of distorted guitars, relentless drums and a heavy bass supporting angrily-delivered growls. Starting from the first track, ”Prophecy of the Somnambulist”, Grace Disgraced begins filling you up with more and more energy, continuing to pile on until you catch yourself moshing in your living room (or whereever you are – as you might have guessed, I have really taken a liking to this album). This goes on for a pretty standard forty-three minutes and forty seven seconds (although, as with all good things, I would have preferred that it was longer). On top of that, after all of this I have come to the conclusion (probably also a great bit of hope) that Grace Disgraced is most likely one hell of a live band, going from my experience with Entrallment Traced. So I for one am going to keep my eyes open for festivals where Grace Disgraced is going to appear. Am I going to see you there?

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