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18th April 2016
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20th April 2016

Ekram – Last Man Standing

Label: Sliptrick / Release Date: 26th February 2016
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Ekram is a Spanish Hard Rock band, one with some degree of Heavy Metal (and, I suppose, a few Doom) influences scattered across their repertoire of tracks. These influences are most often seen as a bit slower and a bit more distorted melodies than I, for one am used to find in a Hard Rock band (but then again, most Hard Rock bands I have ever heard were either active in, or a product of, the eighties – But I digress). Back to the matter at hand, the Swedish quintet that goes by the name of Ekram has released what I am assuming is their second album (it was surprisingly hard to find anythhing relating to them on the internet), one that contains six tracks; One of which a ballad (it is Hard Rock, after all). The band themselves refer to Last Man Standing (as the album is called) as an EP, which I can understand due to the somewhat short nature of the album. Nevertheless, it is still an impressive release that shows what the future of this particular genre might hold. Sure, it is not my genre (not by a long shot), but I cannot deny the sheer talent the band possesses (which is also evident in the sheer amount of prizes the band has won – A list of these can be found on their website). But there is no reason for you to take my word for it. Below is a link to their music video ”Breakaway” – Watch it and see for yourself.


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