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13th June 2016
Gojira – Magma
15th June 2016

Eisen – 1536

Label: Nadir / Release Date: 2016
  • 51%
    Eisen - 1536 - 51%

Eisen is quite the secretive, yet very ambitious band. Among their influences they cite elements from bands such as Cradle of Filth, Meshuggah and Noisia. While I am a bit fussy around what elements influence what part of the sound within the band, the end result is, according to themselves, a very Progressive Metal sound (which I can agree to – Although it is not as technical as I am used to from this particular genre). Their newest release is a four-piece EP entitled 1536, taken from the melting point or iron (apparently a reference to an older interview). But returning to the case at hand, the European quintet have managed to create a relentless EP, one that might only contain four tracks, but does not lose momentum at any point. And, as hinted above, there seems to be less focus on having a large amount of technical skill poured into the guitarist, and instead on having a greater interest in a more ‘whole’ sound (hence, the ‘relentless’ moniker, since this is a continuing state). The wet, almost rolling growls and the powerful, strong blasts of the drums is what really makes this band come alive to me, since they give the band a somewhat different focus than I usually expect from other Progressive bands (again, see above). Sadly I can not say a lot more about Eisen, since I only have these four tracks to judge their performance from. Nevertheless, ”Blood of the Wings of a Butterfly” shows promise, even if there seems to be a bit confusion as to what to call the bands genre (as they are, apparently, tagged as ‘Electrocore’ on YouTube, whatever that is).