Deadly Carnage – Through the Void, Above the Suns – Metal Revolution
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29th April 2018
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9th May 2018

Deadly Carnage – Through the Void, Above the Suns

Label: Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum / Release Date: 30th March 2018
  • 86%
    Deadly Carnage – Through the Void, Above the Suns - 86%

Deadly Carnage: An Italian quartet founded back in the year 2005. As a band, the four musicians have a penchant for the more philosiphical aspects of life which, among other things, can be seen in the interesting title their fourth and newest full-length release has – Through the Void, Above the Suns.

From what I have been able to gather, Deadly Carnage is on a mission to explore and understand the nature of the universe (or multiverses, as the case may be as far as this album is concerned), thereby instigating a rather fascinating existential point and underlining it again and again across the nine tracks present upon this record.

Originally Deadly Carnage was founded as a Black Metal act thirteen years ago, but their lyrical interests and themes drew them towards a more atmospheric and otherwise intensely emotional musical style than is normally found within the before-mentioned genre – It therefore should be no surprise that they quickly began to adopt and adapt several Doom Metal themes and instrumental approaches into the music. While I will not go into too great detail as to how this is done (I am not sure I would be able to explain it on a level adequately satisfactory for myself to allow it to remain on digital paper) I will point out that Through the Void and Above the Suns is, musically at least, an excellent example of how to make what is essentially very emotional Black Metal, delivered at a slow, partially unplugged manner, never losing focus on the description at hand and constantly continuing building up the atmosphere that began with the instrumental intro at the beginning of the album.

In total, Through the Void, Above the Suns contain nine tracks, three of which are instrumental and placed at strategic intervals in order to help tie the album together into a pleasant, coherent whole.

All in all a very good album that I will definitely be spinning on more than one occasion in the days to come.
I have added a link to the track ”Lumis” below, since I feel that it best decribes what the album has to offer, as well as being a track that stands out well on its own – But, as is often the case with me, I still recommend listening to the record in its entirety for optimal enjoyment.

Recommended for fans of Deathspell Omega, to some extent.

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