Counting Days – Liberated Sounds – Metal Revolution
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12th May 2016
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23rd May 2016

Counting Days – Liberated Sounds

Label: Mascot / Release Date: 16th October 2015
  • 53%
    Counting Days – Liberated Sounds - 53%

Born from the fusion of members from four fairly well-known British bands (TRC, Heights, Rough Hands and Last Witness) and as such, the sheer experience and talent that the band can muster is quite high. This is very evident in their first full-length release, which is entitled Liberated Sounds. The bandmembers themselves have stated that they see Counting Days as making the music they wanted to, without being hampered by the direction of their respective bands. This have given a higher level of enthusiasm within the band, as well as an apparent greater joy in creating and performing their music. This means that the twelve tracks present on Liberated Sounds is, probably, one of the most intense and good Metalcore bands that I have heard in recent times (although it should be noted that it is not a genre, I often listen to). The track ”Cold Truth” in particular caught my fancy; It is just a bit more aggressive and relentless than the rest of the record, which is already a long and powerful one. The lyrics are revolving around mortality, relationships and various religions, which fits in quite well with the overall direction and feel generated by the band. Overall a very decent album, one recommendable for fans of Bullet For My Valentine and similar acts (Sadly I cannot give any more examples, but you get the idea).

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