Bloody Terror – Diaboli Celeritate – Metal Revolution
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22nd December 2015
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28th December 2015

Bloody Terror – Diaboli Celeritate

Label: Metal Scrap / Release Date 14th November 2014
  • 83%
    Bloody Terror – Diaboli Celeritate - 83%

With the widespread reach of the internet, it has become a lot easier to collaborate, work together and other fancy words of that nature regardles of borders and distance as a whole. A great example of why this is a good thing is right here: Bloody Terror. Sure, the distance between the Ukraine and Russia on a map, no doubt the almost instantaneous conversing helped nonetheless. The three like-minded individuals that make up Bloody Terror have walked in the footsteps of other very Melodic Black Metal acts such as Cradle of Filth (some of it, anyway), Dimmu Borgir and Kalmah. And while they have only been at it for five short years, I have no doubt whatsoever that they will end up rising above all of the above (perhaps with the exeption of Cradle of Filth – they have become legends for a reason, after all). All in all, their second full-length release, Diaboli Celeritate, contains eight tracks and has a running total just short of thirty-seven minutes. Almost forty minutes filled with traditional Black Metal, albeit with a Melodic twist (one that is most present on the excellent track ”Eternal Life – Vampirism”). Exactly how the Melodic twist manifests itself varies a bit from track to track, but it is always present and clear, yet without completely stealing the show from the main attraction (just the way I like this particular sub-genre). All in all, Bloody Terror is a band that I will be looking forward to hearing more about, and I will most definitely be keeping my eye on posters adorned with their name. Sadly, ”Vampirism” is not to be found on YouTube, so instead, please enjoy ”Devil’s Speed”.

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