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12th July 2016
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17th July 2016

Savage Master – With Whips and Chains

Label: Sure Shot Vorx / Release Date: 22nd April 2016
  • 51%
    Savage Master – With Whips and Chains - 51%

Savage Master is an American Heavy Metal band, one that seems to have taken quite a few lessons from earlier decades (the early eighties to be exact – The band themselves admit to be heavily inspired by the two female-led bands Acid and Bitch!). As such, there seems to be a lot of focus on the vocal track. As a matter of fact, all other instruments seem to be down-played and serve a supportive role, while the vocal track is cranked up, and given quite an overhaul. And old recipe, one that works just as well today as back in the day. Sadly, however, this approach has been seen before (as stated above), and therefore Savage Master risks being drowned out by many other, more aggressive bands. That is a shame, however, since this American nugget should be able to draw not a few new fans from among the fans of Manowar, the two previously named bands and the like. With Whips and Chains marks the bands second full-length release, and while I have not heard their debut, this album definitely proves what the band is capable of: Simple, catchy and vocal-heavy, not at all a bad build. The final track of the album, ”Ready to Sin” is particularly catchy and easy-listenable as well as the best track present on this release. If it sounds interesting, it can be found below. Enjoy.

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