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5th August 2016
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9th August 2016

Kayser – IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity

Label: Listenable / Release Date: 23rd September 2016
  • 90%
    Kayser – IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity - 90%

As implied by the title of the album, IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity is the fourth full-length release produced by Swedish Kayser and delivered by French Listenable Records. Now, this is the second time that I have had the pleasure of receiving a release from Kayser and I must say that they have really stepped it up. Sure, the last album was great. But this one is downright fantastic. Still sticking to the somewhat traditional Thrash Metal routine, which I would describe as short, (somewhat) controlled aggression coupled with strong riffs, they have decided to (succesfully I might add) introduce several melodic aspects. This is most prominent on the track ”Asphalt and Suicide”, where a keyboard makes itself known and helps to add an extra dimension to the song. Not quite what I had expected, but quite a pleasant surprise nonetheless. On top of that, the band builds up momentum throughout the first nine first tracks of the album which they manage to keep continuously high; Which, all in all, makes for a very enjoyable album, one that is definitely worthy of the Thrash Metal moniker. The tenth (and last) track on the record, entitled ”Dusk” is a bit unique compared to the others; Primarily because they sort of ‘reset’ the aggression and momentum of the album and building it up anew, one layer at a time. This is done through a very simple guitar riff, that is slowly, but surely being drowning put by the rising volume and sheer power of the drums. All other instruments manage to support this introductory beginning, creating probably the best and most memorable intro that I have heard on a Thrash Metal album in a very long time. Sadly, however, I cannot prove it, nor even back up this bold statement, since the band have yet to release even one single from IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity. However, according to their official website (see below), they should be releasing a music video, hopefully before long. I for one am looking forward to it. Recommended for fans of Megadeth, among others.


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