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9th July 2016
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11th July 2016

Hellsodomy – Chaostorm

Label: Sure Shot Worx / Release Date: 6th June 2016
  • 85%
    Hellsodomy – Chaostorm - 85%

Hellsodomy is a Turkish musical quartet who, apparently unimpressed with the current change within the Death Metal scene, have brought it upon themselves to bring it back to its old-school roots. In order to do so, they released their first full-length album earlier this year under the title Chaostorm. And what an attention to detail they have been paying. Not only is the music pretty much what you would expect from early nineties Death Metal (fast, simple, heavily distorted, aggressive and downright relentless), they have also managed to bring back the lyrical themes from back then (blasphemy and anti-religion being the most prominent on Chaostorm) and weave them in to fit perfectly with their own style of Death Metal. While they do seem to lack a style all their own (overall they are very similar to other old-school Death Metal acts) they are nonetheless very dedicated musicians and they seem to have a strong eye for detail. As such, I have no doubt that they will manage to form their sound within their chosen genre as the band gains more experience playing together (this record marks their first full-length album following an EP and a Demo). Nevertheless, they have already proven themselves, in my book at least, to be very good musicians who knows how to create a decent record and to promote it properly – In this case, by a European tour in order to celebrate. More bands should promote their newest releases like this. Looking at the eight tracks found on the album (which adds up to roughly thirty-five minutes) I must admit that I would have preferred if the record had been a track or two longer. However, since the band managed to create memorable tracks such as ”Total Disgust” and ”Menstruation Blood on the Pentagram” and virtually no track that is significantly worse than any of the others, makes the somewhat short running total seem quite acceptable (even quite fantastic, since they managed to stay clear of any not-so-good tracks). Overall, these four Turkish Death Metallers represent a band that I would gladly advocate to any fan of the genre to give a chance. And who knows, maybe I will see you at one of their gigs sometime later this year?


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