21st March 2023

Slave Keeper – Ślad

Slave Keeper is a five-piece metal band from Poland. It consists of Marta Biernacka (vocals), Piotr Jakubowicz (guitar), Piotr Miećko (guitar), Jakub Orłowski (bass) and Piotr Szalak (drums). On their 2022 debut album entitled Ślad […]
20th March 2023

Deadnight – Canon of Irreverence

Just a week ago I had a pleasure to listen to a 2011 EP from a Chicago-based band Deadnight. EP was entitled Riders of the Black Wind and it came three years after their official […]
17th March 2023

Terrasound – Abstract Portrait

TerraSound is a heavy metal formation based in both Greece and Russia. The band is relatively young as it’s been founded in 2020. Currently the band consists of Antonis Kapsalis (Guitars), Thanasis Kakafikas (Guitars) and […]
16th March 2023

Culto Negro – La Noche Oscura del Alma

Godz Ov War Productions has done it again, released an outstanding debut album from an area of the world that we rarely connect to metal, or even less to the black metal. This time it […]
14th March 2023

Deadnight – Riders of the Black Wind

Deadnight was forged in the Chicago (Illinois) underground in 2003. In 2008 the band released their official debut entitled Messenger of Death. In 2011 the band unleashed their follow-up, an EP called Riders of the […]
13th March 2023

SubOrbital – Planetary Disruption

SubOrbital is a German Technical Death Metal quartet, one that seemingly aims to make music in the vein of late-era Dutch Pestilence – As such the music is (unsurprisingly) very technically demanding, with a heavy […]
9th March 2023

T.O.M.B. – Terror Winds

T.O.M.B. (Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemers) is a black metal outfit from USA. They’ve been around for over two decades now, continuously challenging and crossing the boundaries of extreme music by crafting together the elements of […]
7th March 2023

Sacrimonia – Anthems of Eclipse

Sacrimonia is a symphonic black metal band from Warsaw, Poland. The band is founded in 2015 and current line-up consists of Kamila “Lasaira” Grabowska-Derlatka (vocal), Jakub Zgorzelski (guitar), Mariusz Hausenplas (guitar), R. Przyłuski (bass) and […]
6th March 2023

Bafomet – F.O.A.D.I.F.

Bafomet is a traditional black/speed/NWOBHM & punk trio from Saitama, Japan. Originally formed under the Sigil of Baphomet moniker, but one year later renamed to Bafomet. Currently the band consists of Japanese, American and Chilean […]
2nd March 2023

Sulfuric – Into the Darkness

Sulfuric is a hard-hitting trio founded in Halmstad, Sweden in 2021. The trio consists of members of black/death metal band Förnimmelse and a punk/speed metal band Burning Noize Machine. Into the Darkness is their debut […]
1st March 2023

Ivory Gates – Behind The Wall

Ivory Gates are a Brazilian band founded in Piracicaba, São Paulo in the year 2000. Their latest album is entitled Behind The Wall and it contains eight direct and aggressive songs in what I would […]
28th February 2023

Ob Nixilis – Abhorred

Ob Nixilis (its name comes from a popular character from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering) is blackened-death metal act hailing from Colorado Springs, USA. The band, that has been active since 2020, consists […]
28th February 2023

Hypno5e– Sheol

In 2019 Hypno5e followed up their eminent , mostly acoustic album Alba – Les Ombres Errantes, with A Distant (Dark) Source, which saw them return to their more familiar sound. But most noticeably with it […]
24th February 2023

Dosgamos – Wrapped Renaissance

Dosgamos is an Italian quartet hailing from the city of Parma, officially formed in 2018. The band consists of Michele Altavilla (Vocals), Vincenzo Moramarco (Guitars), Giulio Garibaldi (Bass) and Giuseppe D’Avola (Drums). This relatively young […]
23rd February 2023

Svar – Under a Sky Full of Thunder

Svar (an answer in Danish?!) is one-man solo project from Krakow, Poland. The only man handling all the instruments and vocals is Kamil Bolesta. Under a Sky Full of Thunder is his latest release, a […]
1st June 2021

Profanity – Fragments of Solace

Yet our fortunate ears can already lay claim to a flood of top notch techdeath releases. We’ve heard Gojira exploding into our spring with Fortitude, greeted new tracks from Vilthjarta, and Cannibal Corpse have offered […]
20th May 2021

Kafirun – The Seed, The Serpent and The Scythe

Canadian collective Kafirun have unleashed a first-rate spring time single for all lovers of black metal. The Sea, The Serpent and the Scythe marks the first hint of what is to come from Their eponymous […]
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