23rd September 2021

Aorlhac – Pierres Brûlées

Aorlhac is a French Black Metal band with strong ties to (for them) local medieval history, myths and legends – Something I have vague recollections of mentioning as well three years ago, the last time […]
22nd September 2021

Sarmat – RS-28

Sarmat hails from Poland, a country that I’ve listened a lot of metal from lately. Thus, Sarmat is also another brutal band from Poland, formed in 2018 by Daniel “Hacel” Szymanowicz (guitarist) and Krzysztof “Kopyś” […]
21st September 2021

Temple Of Decay – Last Manifestation Of Life

It’s third time this week that I have to write a few words on some material released by Polish musicians. However, all comparisons with the other bands also stop here for two main reasons; Temple […]
20th September 2021

Brainstorm – Wall of Skulls

For a long time, Brainstorm have been one of the shining names in often static power metal genre and they have done that without ever really breaking outside the rather narrow frames of the genre. […]
20th September 2021

Popiół – Zabobony

The debut from Polish pagan black metallers Popiół (comprising of all ex. or current Thy Worshiper members) has been out for more than two years now, but it is first lately that it landed on […]
15th September 2021

Sunrise – Equilibria

Sunrise is an Ukrainian (Kiev) power-metal quintet created in 2003, where the only member from the early years is singer Laars Naumenko. I must admit that prior to landing of this CD on my doorstep […]
14th September 2021

Telma – Eternal

Greek metal scene has always been rich with metal bands, and now the scene grows further with the arrival of Telma. Telma is a modern and relatively new metal formation from Larissa, Greece. The band […]
10th September 2021

Iron Maiden – Senjutsu

It’s actually quite funny to see that the Blaze Bayley-fronted era of the band, which was so scolded, in many ways still serves as inspiration and even backbone for Iron Maiden’s direction since Bruce Dickinson […]
9th September 2021

Leprous – Aphelion

Less than year ago since their previous album Leprous are ready with the follow up. Thanks to pandemic, perhaps? Regardless releasing album so quickly after a somewhat controversial and certainly fan-dividing release as Pitfalls. In […]
31st August 2021

Superlynx – Electric Temple

Founded in 2013, a Doom/Psych trio Superlynx are Oslo-based band and Electric Temple is their third full-length album, containing 10 tracks. Prior to the release of this new record, the band released their 2016 debut […]
26th August 2021

Stone Cadaver – Memento Mori, Motherfucker

Formed in 2014 in Aarhus, Denmark, Stone Cadaver is a stoner metal trio consisting of Anders Bech Nielsen (guitar & vocals), Stevie Dalla-Zuanna (drums) and Andreas Cadaver (bass, keys & vocals). The band released their […]
25th August 2021

Hell’s Coronation – Ritual Chalice Of Hateful Blood

Extreme metal from Poland, what’s not to like? Hell’s Coronation is black-doom two-piece, founded in 2016 by Coffincrusher and Zepar, formerly known for their work in Deadthorn and Nekkrofukk. In the following couple of years […]
24th August 2021

Electric Haze – Get In Line

Formed in 2014, Electric Haze is a four-piece Swedish band. The band consists of lead vocalist Anton Ekstrom, guitarist Tommy Toya, bassist Andre Ekstrom and drummer Yuppie Anderson. Soon after the formation of the band, […]
12th August 2021

code – Flyblown Prince

<code> are a very unique UK-based black metal quartet originally founded in 1998 as Seasonal Code, and since 2002 under this name. Flyblown Prince is fifth album from this legendary experimental extremists band. Flyblown Prince […]
11th August 2021

Helltrail – Always Shoot Twice

Not just this particular release, but many others too, have suffered from my latest absence. To try to get back on track I’ve picked this short EP from a German (North Rhine-Westphalia) quartet named Helltrail. […]
1st June 2021

Profanity – Fragments of Solace

Yet our fortunate ears can already lay claim to a flood of top notch techdeath releases. We’ve heard Gojira exploding into our spring with Fortitude, greeted new tracks from Vilthjarta, and Cannibal Corpse have offered […]
20th May 2021

Kafirun – The Seed, The Serpent and The Scythe

Canadian collective Kafirun have unleashed a first-rate spring time single for all lovers of black metal. The Sea, The Serpent and the Scythe marks the first hint of what is to come from Their eponymous […]