The following is the list of the best METAL/ROCK/PUNK releases by some of writers at Metal Revolution Webzine.

Top 10 of 2019 by Bato

1 Nile – Vile Nilotic Rites (Nuclear Blast)

South Californian Egypt-obsessed death metal heroes dust off their crown with Vile Nilotic Rites. Nile’s ninth release helps to reconnect Nile to their exceptional past reminding us exactly how unassailable they were at the turn of the millennium.

2 Life Of Agony – The Sound Of Scars (Napalm)

The Sound Of Scars is a conceptually driven narrative, offering a different vibe from much of their back catalogue. The Sound Of Scars is an excellent addition to an excellent band’s canon.

3 Rob Halford With Family & Friends – Celestial (Legacy)

Another metal Christmas album? Yes, and it is released by the Metal God himself with the help of his family. I’m usually not into the whole X-mas thing, but I believe Celestial will delight metalheads while not scaring off the kids. Ho ho ho!

4 Tool – Fear Inoculum (Tool Dissectional)

Fear Inoculum is like its predecessor with the production that is perfectly executed. Tool is sticking to their guns by doing what they want, ever since the early beginnings of their career. Impressive release and one of my 2019 highlights.

5 Agnostic Front – Get Loud! (Nuclear Blast)

NYC hardcore punk originals keep the home fires burning with the release of their 13th full-length Get Loud! earlier this year. With its release a band that have been fundamental to the evolution of hardcore are back with those 14 hearty nostalgia tracks. Big cheers for them!

6 Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (Inside Out)

With Distance Over Time, prog metal’s luminaries remind us that they’re still among the most inspiring groups in the scene. But it also shows that Dream Theater aren’t oblivious to new and current sounds, always expanding their sonic scope.

7 Killswitch Engage – Atonement (Metal Blade)

Atonement is a high mark in the Killswitch Engage catalog and easily the metalcore icons' most dynamic release yet. The elements of aggression and catharsis remain present, but are in stronger focus individually. One of the best 'aggressive' album of the year!

8 Darkthrone – Old Star (Peaceville)

Old Star is the type of album made by people who live and breath metal, every riff and songwriting turn handpicked and calculated. Fenrizseems to be at the top of his artistic career on this masterpiece.

9 Blood Incantation – Hidden History of the Human Race (Dark Descent)

Brutal Denver quartet Blood Incantation have created an album that is beautiful mix of psychedelic and extreme death metal. With Hidden History Of The Human Race, Blood Incantation have created a contender for death metal album of the year.

10 Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind (Roadrunner)

The album is pure Slipknot, which means; raw aggression, percussive assault and well-crafted melodies, but with We Are Not Your Kind Slipknot have done more than play to their strengths, they’ve broadly expanded their parameters, taking the band in new musical directions.

Top 10 of 2019 by Simona

1 Lacuna Coil - Black Anima (Century Media)

The Milan based quintet has arrived with their hybrid of goth and groove album Black Anima. There is a lot of incredible sense of dark atmosphere mixed with glitchy rhythms & unsettling keys. Many thundering riff and impassioned roar.

2 Kobra And The Lotus - Evolution (Napalm)

These Canadian melodic metallers shows again what they are capable of. The album's blend of guitars and vocals is great, and the rhythm section is tossed into the bottom end of the mix. The disc is very self-fulfilling and prophetic. These 10 tracks clearly show an evolution of the band as a unit.

3 Alice Cooper - The Breadcrumbs EP (Earmusic)

The Breadcrumbs contains 10 mixes of covers from The Poison man himself. Overall, the entire effort is well meaning, entertaining, rocking, and just a bit of fun, and a nice little physical media item for collectible diehard Alice Cooper fan.

4 1349 - The Infernal Pathway (Season Of Mist)

The Infernal Pathway includes fast tempos, a shrieking vocal style and heavily distorted guitars. The CD is perfectly pitched between arcane dissonance and the propulsive crunch of thrash and proto death metal.

5 In Flames - I, The Mask (Nuclear Blast)

Once again, In Flames have bestowed upon this world a cookie-cutter melodic metal record. It is extremely well produced. The drums lay a good base throughout and are closely aligned with the other instruments.

6 Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind (Roadrunner)

On this disc there are tons of dramatic riffs, every song is like an unique story mixed with melancholic atmospheric rock, doom metal, art rock, progressive rock and other influences. This album is weighty, both musically and lyrically.

7 Abbath - Outstrider (Season Of Mist)

It's all about brutality and speed, it’s raw and dirty as well. It's black magic at its best. It's just a cool, fun album of heavy black metal.

8 Cult Of Luna - A Down To Fear (Metal Blade)

More than 20 years of creating some of the most epic, emotive and inventive music, Cult Of Luna returns back with a new new killer album, where their trademark approach has led the band to create a very special and unique piece of music that inspires a variety of emotion, from helpless desperation to empowered growth of spirit.

9 Rotting Christ - The Heretics (Season Of Mist)

The cover says a lot about the music on this disc. It's all about brutality and speed, it’s raw and dirty as well. One of mine favourites from 2019!

10 Amon Amarth - Berserker (Metal Blade)

Probably the best melodic death metal release anno 2019. I like the melodic lines as well as these typical melodic death metal trademark elements. There are some clean vocals here, which is fine because it fits the mood and tone of the whole record.

Top 10 of 2019 by Zoran

1 Tool – Fear Inoculum (Tool Dissectional)

First Tool album in 13 years Fear Inoculum uses familiar ingredients to create something utterly new. Few manage to succeed by their own terms and at the same time change the landscape of an art form. Pink Floyd has done it. In 2019 Tool is still doing it

2 Holocaust – Elder Gods (Sleaszy Rider)

Elder Gods continues down the same path where the band builds on that concrete NWOBHM foundation. This means that the band explores progressive rock, post punk, (first and second wave of) thrash metal as well as some more ambient influences. They do this with grace as well as purpose and not just as random toe-dipping while at the same time maintaining that rock solid NWOBHM feel.

3 Hypno5e – A Distant (Dark) Source (Pelagic Records)

There is a simple and fragile quality to each aspect of A Distant (Dark) Source, while at the same time being grand in a cinematic, rather than theatrical manner. It’s comfortable yet exhausting on several levels and isn’t that what we all want from art? It was hard to believe that the band will ever manage to match the eminence of Alba, but Hypno5e achieved just that, while using a very different approach.

4 Chasing Shadows – Reflections (Shadow Recordings)

There is special kind of magic that occasionally arises from new bands who manage to create a debut album that is modern yet true to their influences, an album that bursts with that unspoiled youth energy, yet at the same time comes across at mature. Canadian prog quartet Chasing Shadows' debud album Reflections, is most certainly one such release.

5 Steve Hackett – At the End of Light (InsideOut)

At The Edge Of Light sees the 68-year old guitar legend dial down on the massive Word Music influences of its predecessor, which gives this album bit more of a classic prog rock feel. This is yet another outstanding and inspiring release, from a man who has been in the music business for over four decades.

6 Baroness – Gold & Grey (Abraxan Hymns)

The new album places itself somewhere between the previous two albums; musically and sonically. There are many shorter straight-forward rock songs with catchy choruses, but at the the same time Gold & Grey delivers just as many experimental songs, which explore the more experimental and softer sides of the band. The band excels at just about every aspect, nonetheless the song-writing.

7 Tom Keifer – Rise (Cleopatra)

Rise is basically a flawless display of all of Keifer’s qualities. It’s an album that seamlessly blends all the trademarks of his career with songs that bear the catchiness of its predecessor, but are wrapped it in an approach that feels more genuine and bone deep. On top of all that, or in the root, if you will, former Cinderella frontman delivers some of the best and most honest songwriting of his career.

8 Idle Hands – Mana (Eisenwald)

Debut from Portland based band is inspired by the likes of The Mission, Sisters Of Mercy and Joy Division. The album is based around simple and very good song-writing and if you felt like it, you could break any of the 11 tracks down to a simple acoustic guitar and vocals tunes and enjoy them by the late-night bonfire. And that is where the very strength of Mana lies. It’s simply filled with very gorgeous well-written songs.

9 The Claypool Lennon Delirium – South Of Reality (ATO Records)

The creativity on South Of Reality is blooming and material is catchy and filled with hooks that for the most part get your attention right away. But the beauty of the album is that the apparent simplicity is actually achieved, by rather complex arrangements and sequences, so, with each new spin you discover something new.

10 Abrahma – In Time for The Last Rays Of Light (Dead Light Records)

Musically the French band is familiar grounds building further on their interesting bland of doom, sludge, prog, rock and even some grunge. The overall doom feel is ever-present even when band shifts from one influence towards another. That makes the diversity on In Time for The Last Rays Of Light come across as smooth and throughout the album the band stays on the main path.

Top 10 of 2019 by Brian

1 Slow – VI Dantalion (Code666)

Slow is one of those bands that I personally find very interesting, both musically and conceptually. They are very up front about their intentions (such as calling themselves 'Slow' whilst playing Funeral Doom, one of the most low-paced subgenres of all of Metal – A nice touch).

2 Time Lurker / Cepheide - Lucide (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre)

Being a demo sadly also means that Lucide is a very short album – Two tracks under the Timer Lurker Moniker, and one under Cepheide. This adds up to about thirty-five minutes of playtime in total, but they make every last second count.

3 The Great Old Ones - Cosmicism (Season of Mist)

The Great Old Ones as a band shifted from one record label to another late last year – This has means a slight change in musical style (faster and a bit shorter songs being the most obvious change), but it has not deterred them from their mission – They are still going strong.

4 Profetus – The Sadness of Time Passing (Avantgarde)

One thing seems to be universal, across all genres and means of artistic expression: If you are looking for grand melancholy and a glimpse into the darker experiences in life, you look to the east – Either towards Finland or Russia.

5 Memoriam – Requiem for Mankind (Nuclear Blast)

An off-shoot of the legendary Death Metal band Bolt Thrower – Need I say more?

6 Griffon / Darkenhöld – Atra Musica (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre)

Both Griffon and Darkenhöld, like the previous split album on this list, are in the same employ, and play somewhat comparable genres of Black Metal. As such it makes sense to pile together three tracks from each, call it an 'A' and 'B' side and release it to the much awaiting public.

7 Asphodèle – Jours Pâles (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre)

As I am sure many of you reading this list have realized by now, I have quite the penchant for the French. There is just something about their approach to Black Metal that I find to be very appealing, and Asphodèle is no exception.

8 Zaum – Divination (Listenable)

Canadian psychedelic Doom Metal trio Zaum are an interesting one – With a lysical interest focusing on the ancient middle east, the three tracks present upon Divination delve into the religious and mythological aspects of the era, through several interesting and quite unique strategies.

9 Bethlehem – Lebe Dich Leer (Prophecy)

Bethlehem released their ninth full-length album this year, their second while being fronted by Onielar (of Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult fame). I heard once that they are considered one of the fore-runners of 'Depressive Black Metal' and with this release I would argue that this is still the case.

10 Athanasia – The Order of the Silver Compass (Seeing Red)

An American Heavy Metal band not at all afraid to take changes and experiment with their approach – That is probably the shortest and highest praise that I can give this band, aside the fact that they still write ballads – What's not to love?

Top 10 of 2019 by Mia

1 Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (Inside Out)

Dream Theater is back with their fourteenth release, and I have to say, this one is a killer! I have been somewhat disappointed in some of their latest albums, but this one makes me remember why I keep referring to them as my favorite band of all times. I truly love this album.

2 Queensrÿche – The Verdict (Century Media)

This album brings me back to older and classic Queensrÿche, and I am pleasantly surprised on how good Queensrÿche still sounds. After 15 albums they keep themselves true to their roots.The Verdict has it all! Both catchy and darker melodies, amazing guitar riffs, Vocals with emotions. Overall a great production and album!

3 As I Lay Dying – Shaped by Fire (Nuclear Blast)

Even though the band has gone through some difficulties, it does not show in their music. Or maybe that is exactly what it does; because this album is one of the best I have heard from As I lay Dying. It is metalcore. It is melodies. It is emotions. It is guitar shreds. It is Perfection! The seventh studio album from As I Lay Dying shows that music can truly tell a story and I guess the hard times the band has gone through is told in this album. Amazing!

4 Jinjer – Macro (Napalm Records)

I have only recently discovered Ukrainian band Jinjer, and when they released their new EP Macro, I was blown away. This is only their second release, but they are already a band to be reckoned with. Their raw sound together with angelic vocals, their progressive and metalcore elements, makes them really interesting. Also, the fact that they use their native language in their songs, shows courage and innovation

5 Opeth - In Cauda Venenum (Nuclear Blast)

Even though I am very much into progmetal, I am not a huge Opeth fan. BUT I must admit that this album is truly a masterpiece. The talent and musicality of Opeth is overwhelming, and there is a certain magic to the entire album. It is fair to say that this album has gotten me to revert on becoming an Opeth fan. It is a musical orgasm from beginning to the end.

6 Ethereal Kingdoms – Hollow Mirror (Mighty Music)

One of my favorite debut albums of 2019 was released by Danish Theatrical Symphonic metal band Ethereal Kingdoms. An album that captures you from the very first song until the last. Very impressive and diverse album that I catch myself listening to over and over again. I predict that Hollow Mirror is only the first of many exciting albums to come.

7 Myrath – Shehili (earMUSIC)

Myrath has really evolved and grown as musicians and as a band in this fifth album release under their current name. You can still hear it is classic Myrath with their oriental sound, but still one can hear them experimenting with new things and sounds. This is an album that I have grown to love the more I listen to it.

8 Children of Bodom – Hexed (Nuclear Blast)

I really loved their previous album I Worship Chaos and it would be hard to live up to my expectations with their tenth release. Yes, they have taken a different turn on this album, but I am surely not disappointed by Hexed. I like the fact that they gave their audience and fans a “dare” and I buy it!

9 Forever Still – Breathe in Colours (Nuclear Blast)

The second (and very much anticipated by me) album, Breathe in Colours, from Danish band Forever Still is truly showing the talents from these guys. Singer Maja Shining is truly “shining” throughout the entire album, and the songs and melodies keeps sticking to my brain like glue. This is an album I can keep listening to in repeat for hours.

10 KoЯn – The Nothing (Roadrunner Records / Electra)

KoЯn will always be KoЯn, and so they are on The Nothing album. There are some songs on the album that disappoints me a little bit. Even though there have been some other great album releases this year, I need to add KoЯn's album The Nothing to my top ten list this year. Only due to the pure fact that the songs on the album that I love, are so good that only because of that this album deserves to be on my Top 10.

Top 10 of 2018 by Bato

1 Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods (Nuclear Blast)

Earlier in 2018, Immortal released their first album in 9 years, titled Northern Chaos Gods. On their ninth studio album they delived a raw piece of Norwegian black metal. Although it might sound a cliché, but Northern Chaos Gods marks a return to form for Immortal. An album that should be on any top-ten-of-the-year list for any fan of nordic black metal.

2 Voivod – The Wake (Century Media)

The Wake is the concept album by Canadian veteran act Voivod. It is huge and complex and as such it fights right in with bands heritage of cinematic concepts. With The Wake, Voivod has not just recorded one of the best 2018-albums, but also one of the finest releases of their long career.

3 A Perfect Citcle – Eat The Elephant (BMG)

2018 was the year that saw the return of many rock and metal giants to the scene. One of these was Maynard J. Keenan' A Perfect Circle. Nearly 15 years have passed since the release of last A Perfect Circle full length album, Thirteenth Step. Eat The Elephant is definately a good, but also unusual record from a band who was unique to begin with.

4 Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch (The Null Corporation/Capitol)

Bad Witch is the ninth studio album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. It also marks the conclusion to Nine Inch Nails' EP trilogy. Musically, Bad Witch is a concise album that blends the industrial rock aggression of Nine Inch Nails with slower and more somber moments, most clearly seen in the two instrumental pieces. Bad Witch is probably band' best release in a decade.

5 Godsmack – When Legends Rise (BMG)

When Legends Rise is the seventh studio album by Godsmack. It marks the band's first album away from heavy metal into a more hard rock sound. 20 years since the release of their debut album and 20 million album sales later, Godsmack anno 2018 are an even stronger than before.

6 Blood Of The Sun - Blood's Thicker Than Love (Listenable)

Blood of the Sun are a hard rock quintet from Texas and Blood's Thicker Than Love is their latest album. This new six-tracker sounds exactly as if it comes from the early 80s being a potent, mature and a highly enjoyable release, a perfect study in how a decent hard/blues/jazz/prog rock anno 2018 should sound.

7 Alice In Chains – Rainier Fog (BMG)

With the release of their sixth studio album Rainier Fog, the Seattle legends have time again proved that they are capable of creating new music that stands proudly next to their massive legacy. Rainier Fog is an album that perfectly encapsulates the sound of Alice In Chains; highly emotive and dark ballads, while remaining progressive and modern.

8 Black Stone Cherry – Family Tree (Mascot)

Family Tree is the sixth studio album by American southern rock band Black Stone Cherry. It comes as a follow-up to 2016's Kentucky which I was also a big fan of. It's rather encouraging to see the band deliver what should stand as one of the top releases of their career.

9 Soulfly – Ritual (Nuclear Blast)

Ritual is the eleventh album by Soulfly, but also the third album with Max Cavalera's son Zyon behind the kit. Ritual honours the bands roots and core sound, bringing them into this new chapter, a rebirth of Soufly. With Ritual, Cavalera an co. have produced what is easily the best Soulfly album in years.

10 Judas Priest – Firepower (Columbia)

Forty-eight years and eighteen albums into band's career, Firepower is the latest studio album by British heavy metal giants Judas Priest. Firepower is as sharp as can be, as powerful as a nuclear bomb. Firepower is exactly what you would expect of Priest – one of the best albums of 2018!

Top 10 of 2018 by Simona

1 P.O.D. - Circles (Mascot)

Tenth album from P.O.D. is entitled Circles. The album pretty much contains all the know ingredients of P.O.D. Music which I started to like at the beginning of the century. The diversity and various rap, nu metal, reggae influences are still here. Circles is more accessible then some of band’s previous album and therefore good enough to make it at my Top 10 list.

2 Omnium Gatherum - The Burning Cold (Century Media)

The Burning Cold is their eighth edition. “Gods Go First,” an upbeat track with catchy riffs and an extended shredding solo that adds some progressive touches. There are lots of melody and aggressive vocals on this album. Omnium Gatherum should get some additional exposure for The Burning Cold, so more people are able to hear one of metal's most underrated bands.

3 Venom - Storm The Gates (Spinefarm)

Storm The Gates is the fifteenth studio album from the iconic metallers Venom. The cover says a lot about their music on this disc. It's all about brutality and speed, it’s raw and dirty as well. It's black magic at its best. This is the true Venon style that we are use to hear. Storm The Gates is definitely one of my favourites album in 2018.

4 Baest - Danse Macabre (Century Media)

Hate, death, aggression and destruction. These are some of the subjects you will hear dealt with on this old school death metal release from Denmark. The best domestic release in the year 2018 without competition.

5 Outloud - Virtual Hero Society (ROAR)

Excellent with charming melodies and keyboards combined with traditional heavy metal influences. The sound is so clear, and this is one of the best discs I have listen to this year. Plain and simple old-school heavy metal.

6 A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant (BMG)

Eat The Elephant is a moody album with lots of thought. Each instrument is equally prominent and met in good harmonies. The music is mainly based on a progressive approach. Another fantastic album of 2018.

7 Antimatter - Black Market Enlightenment (Music In Stone)

On this disc there are tons of dramatic riffs, every song is unique story mixed with melancholic atmospheric rock, doom metal, art rock, progressive rock etc. influences. This album is weighty, both musically and lyrically.

8 Jason Becker - Triumphant Hearts (Mascot)

Those 14 tracks on the album shows a lot of Jason’s passion for melody, and his knowledge of classical composition & orchestral arrangements. The music on this album personifies the loving spirit of its creator. The album is one of the most remarkable musical spirits of the modern rock era.

9 Daron Malakian And Scars On Broadway - Dictator (Scarred For Life)

One unexpected side-effect of this passive-aggressive intra-band soap opera is that it turns out well. And Dictator is a strong release that touches on a lot of the elements of System of a Down. The are aggressive vocals and heavy riffs.

10 Khemmis - Desolation (Spin)

Ave their internal engine works with maximum efficiency and power. Make no mistake, there are witheringly hot riffs, complex arrangements that turn and twist through a pocket history of heavy music. Another unexpected well-executed 2018 release.)

Top 10 of 2018 by Zoran

1 Antimatter – Black Market Enlightenment (Music In Stone)

The outpour of emotion on Black Market Enlightenment is colossal and it swirls around the listener with ease. At times it’s so immersive that it feels almost paralyzing, which is a rare quality in music and one Mick Moss has mastered to the perfection.

2 Sunnata – Outlands (Self-released)

The tribal and oriental influences make the already psychedelic post doom even more vibrant. The layers of raw yet fragile textures are breath-taking, and the Swans-inspired repetitive nature with all its overall simplicity serves extremely well with complexity of arrangements. Sunnata is a unique band and Outlands is a perfect validation of that statement. If you give it time it will swallow you whole into its dark yet gorgeous and hypnotic world.

3 Voivod – The Wake (Century Media Records)

With The Wake Voivod have created one of the finest releases of their career. This is musical art on whole another level delivered by a band, which more than 35 years into their career is so apparently hungry, curious and creative to a degree that they test their own rather broad boundaries.

4 Hypno5e - Alba-Les ombres errantes (Pelagic Records)

Hypno5e took the foot off the speeder and unplugged. What came out if it is their by far finest release, with brilliant stripped down song-writing, atmosphere and so much soul. This might not be what you’d expect from the band and it might feel more like a solo project by the bands singer Emmanuel Jessua, but who cares, when the result is something as outstanding as this.

5 Sigh - Heir to Despair - 絶望を受け継ぐもの (Candlelight Records)

Once you succumb toHeir to Despair you can’t help, but think where in the world does this band go from here. But that’s the case with just about every Sigh album, yet they indisputably manage to amaze and deliver with each following album. Perhaps that’s the part of beauty and genius of this band. We might not know where they are going, but they sure as hell do and they are sure to take us by surprise, also here almost three decades into their career. Chew on that for a sec, if you would.

6 VOLA – Applause of a Distant Crowd

Song-writing on the debut was very good, but what makes it stand out on the Applause of a Distant Crowd is the balance and deep understanding of the fact that the vitality and dynamics often come from pulling back and not going all-in at all times. This album is not only a massive step forward, but at the same time it feels like VOLA has on their sophomore album already found themselves and their path.

7 Riverside – Wasteland (InsideOut)

Throughout Wasteland, Riverside is displays quality expected from them. After passing ofr guitarist Piotr Grudziński it was a heavy record for band to make on many levels. But the band have triumphantly risen to the occasion and delivered an album, which not only stands next to their heritage, but is also a clear step forward. Grudziński is and will be missed, but his impact on this album is colossal and his band mates have truly done him right.

8 Manes – Slow Motion Death Sequence (Debemur Morti Productions)

On Slow Motion Death Sequence, Manes sound like a band that has found its ground and found an effective and lasting way to present their song-writing skills. This album is many things, but it’s at all times elegantly dark and immersive.

9 Monster Magnet – Mindfucker (Napalm Records)

Mindfucker is simple and dirty. It’s more a sticky floor of a bar, than a dusty desert road. It’s bombastic and as such just what doctor ordered after the majestic psychedelic trip that was Last Patrol.

10 Legend Of The Seagullmen – Legend Of The Seagullmen (Dine Alone Records)

The project featuring a movie director, members of Tool, Mastodon, Zappa Plays Zappa etc. is very much as you’d imagine even before you see the band’s name. It’s odd. It just is. Its wacky, yet musically profound. It’s cinematic, yet jammy. It’s silly, yet you can’t help but being impressed.

Top 10 of 2018 by Brian

1 Sadness – Rain (Self-released)

On a list dominated by the French (I am well aware that I have a weakness in that regard) it is a sole American who takes the top stop. The almost ludicrously active Depressive Black Metal one-man band sprung an album on us almost out of the blue, and it lives up to his usual high standards. Sadness never disappoints, which is even more impressive given his very long discography – As such, this record is heavily recommended for anyone looking for an powerfully impactful experience.

2 A Forest of Stars - Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes (Prophecy)

Fifth full-length wax cylinder by British Psychedelic Black Metal septet, staying in tune with their former releases, although drawing heavily on their earlier work. The Victorian clock keeps on turning ever so slowly, and the Gentlemans Club A Forest of Stars continue to philosophize about the debauchery, nature and society around them. The year might be 1898, but it is a brave new world indeed.

3 Baume - Les Années Décapitées (Self-released)

A side project by the same artist that gave us the band Cepheide. In many ways similar (still an Atmospheric Black Metal act), yet at the same time dissimilar enough to warrant creating a new band to make room for a little experimentation. The easiest way to sum up the band would to be as follows: It you loved Cepheide, chances are you would love Baume – As long as you do not expect exactly the same.

4 Monolithe – Nebula Septem (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre)

Yet another band filled to the brim with talented musicians, many of which having a decade or more worth of experience. Monolithe boasts a grand total of seven members, all of them dedicated and fiercy loyal to the heavily depressive and all-consuming sound that they have managed to create for themselves. By far the best Funeral Doom Metal album that I have stumbled across this year.

5 Ennui – End of the Circle (Non Serviam)

Originally an American Atmospheric Black Metal duet that suddenly went silent about three years ago. Said silence was suddenly broken earlier this year, revealing that not only had the band been steadily working on new material, they had employed two new members – Turning the powerful duet into an even more powerful quartet. Each track is different from one another (but not enough to make the album itself feel incoherent), showing a desire and willingness to experiment and take risks – While still staying true to their original premise.

6 Cor Scorpii – Ruin (Dark Essence)

For me not to put this Norwegian band on a list like this would be almost illegal. Originally made up primarily of members of legendary band Windir the surviving members poured all of their experience, dedication and ideas into creating Cor Scorpii, while at the same time making sure that they are still significantly different from their previous project. That being said however, this is still a band that is clearly aiming at their old fan-base and, two records in, they are doing a great and very respectful job at it.

7 Hyrgal – Serpentine (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre)

Re-reading my original thoughts about this record, I am reminded about why I had such a hard time placing this one. I cannot for the life of me, even today, pin-point exactly what it is that makes it a good album – It is very similar to many other albums released by similar French Black Metal band that I also love, yet I still hold this one in very high regard. But as I read a fellow reviewer stating somewhere, maybe that is why it is so good – It leaves me at a loss for words.

8 Moonreich – Fugue (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre)

Both a spiritual and musical successor to their previous release, Moonreich has decided that there is no need to reinvent the wheel as long as they have a very well-functioning one. Instead, the French Black Metal act has spent their year honing their sound, making it cleaner, stronger, better. And I for one agree that they have succeeded.

9 Mortis Mutilati – The Stench of Death (Self-released)

One of the first releases to see the light of day in 2018 (being released early on the 1st of January) takes the form on a conversation (or rather, a monologue) between the audience and a protagonist walking through a cemetary. This deceptively simple premise easily builds up to create a very interesting and, at times captivating experience – I do not speak a word of French, yet still found myself being dragged into this musical conversation with ease.

10 Farsot & ColdWorld – Toteninsel (Lupus Lounge)

This record could theoretically be considered an homage to an almost legendary picture carrying the same name – One performed and delivered by two of Germanys (in my opinion at least) most powerful and influential Atmospheric Black Metal artists, Farsot and ColdWorld. Both of them agreed to write two songs about the picture, either in relation to stories of the portrait itself or its history, which gave us this little gem. Fittingly enough, the art-work is even the picture in question, albeit in a black-and-white version.

Top 10 of 2017 by Bato

1 Obituary - Obituary (Relapse)

This self-titled release marks the tenth album from Floridian death metal gods Obituary. This new opus contains all the best parts of the band, revving the excitement and adrenaline throughout the album. With the release of Obituary the band have put out one hell of a record.

2 Cavalera Conspiracy - Psychosis (Napalm)

Psychosis is the latest conspiracy by these two former Sepultura brothers. The songs on Psychosis are fairly simple and extremely energetic and effective. Psychosis draw its main inspiration is trash/death metal of late 80’s, the kind that put Sepultura on the metal map. Definately one of the best albums released in 2017.

3 Paradise Lost – Medusa (Nuclear Blast)

New album by Yorkshire doomsters Paradise Lost new album Medusa is very riff based album. Song-writing and melodies are not the main focus here, but rather being a bit muddier and dirtier and with an unpolished sound than on some of the later releases. Medusa does mark a full-circle and comes across as convincing, just like the rest of Paradise Lost' discography.

4 Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black (Metal Blade)

One of the craziests and most insane (death) metal bands on planet are back with the latest brutal assualt entitled Red Before Black. Red Before Black is their fourteenth album but the guys don't seem to slow down. It is still provocative, relentless and brutal as your old-school death metal is supposed to sound. I fucking love Cannibal Corpse and I love Red Before Black.

5 Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With (Relapse)

Wrong One To Fuck With is the eight studio album by mighty Dying Fetus. Five years since the release of its predecessor have passed, but one feels as the time has not passed at all. Wrong One to Fuck With is as brutal and heavy than most of your modern death- and metal core bands out there. Wrong One To Fuck With is just superb!

6 Marilyn Manson – Heaven Upside Down (Loma Vista)

God of fuck, a shock rocker of our era is back. Two decades into his career, the god of fuck is still upsetting everyone. On Heaven, Upside Down Mr. Manson still plays the villain and he remains tremendously good at it. Heaven, Upside Down is not as ground-breaking nor bombastic as Mechanical Animals or Antichrist Superstar, but he still writes songs that he fights and fucks to and it's good enough for me.

7 Black Country Communion - BCCIV (Mascot Records)

Five years after what looked as the end of the most productive super-groups (three albums in two years) Bonamassa, Huges, Shenirian and Bonham are together yet again and they've delivered another great rock record that can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of their previous releases. It's massive yet humble, it's ricking yet spiritual.

8 NervoChaos – Nyctophilia (Greyhaze)

Another extreme metal release has found its place on my top10 list. NervoChaos are from Brazil and they play extreme, obscure, aggressive and chaotic music. If you like your metal raw, dark, nasty, aggressive and deadly then you'll agree with me that this is one of the strongest albums of the 2017.

9 Stone Sour – Hydrograd (Roadrunner)

All of the songs on this sixth album by Stone Sour are well put together.Hydrograd is a hell of a lot of fun listening to, and it showcases a band unafraid to take risks. It has not only exceeded all my expectations, it also made me want to go back and listen to the band’s back catalogue.

10 Accept – The Rise Of Chaos (Nuclear Blast)

The legendary German metal band Accept are still going strong, with their latest album,The Rise of Chaos. These guys are constantly giving their 100% and from their experience and The Rise of Chaos rocks as hard as anything I have heard this year.

Top 10 of 2017 by Simona

1 Nickelback - Feed The Machine (BMG)

Nickelback's new production it filled with lots of booming sounds. There is bland pop territory mixed with some amped up rhythmic singing combined with cool guitar riffs too. They present the original stylistic metal tunes and aggressive riffs to the top.

2 Paradise Lost – Medusa (Nuclear Blast)

This British doom band are back with death doom metal combined with Gothic metal. Medusa has everything a Doom/Gothic album should have. The album has moments of somber rifting, dark and doom majesty. It's an album that brings you back to the dark and depressive world of Paradise Lost that we learned to love in the 90s.

3 Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains (Matador)

This album is melancholy forest dizzy, but at the same time hugely danceable as only amplified through the album's development. An album worth listening to as one of the best in 2017-

4 Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand (Reprise)

Emperor of Sand contains complex progressive songs and short rock numbers. In addition, this album puts emphasis on fresh and original ideas like chimes, robot voices and atmospheric keyboards.

5 Foo Fighters – Concrete And Gold (Sony Music)

This is a varied and successful album, where there is room for sweet vocal harmonies, delicate and golden acoustic moments and bone hard concrete rock. In some moments, there may also be psychedelic tones like in "Dirty Water". Worth of recommendation.

6 Depeche Mode – Spirit (Sony Music)

Spirit focuses on synth and electronica paired with rock, blues and a little gospel. The album is about social criticism. This is beautiful and impressive as you could expect both in terms of music and production.

7 Body Count – Bloodlust (Century Media)

The seventh album from Ice-T’s heavy metal band. If you are into bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer and Black Sabbath, you have to love this album. It combined tons of bracing Thrashcore/Groove metal soundtrack.

8 Kreator – Gods Of Volience (Nuclear Blast)

Mighty Kreator to right the Germanic thrash battleship and hold the Flag of Hate high as they return from a 4-year hiatus with Gods of Violence. It’s fast and angry but also catchy and anthemic, and the melodic break at the mid-way point is expertly done.

9 Marilyn Manson – Heaven Upside Down (Loma Vista)

It would seem that he's out to shock again, and maybe, just maybe we are ready to pay attention again. With a few more melancholy tracks, the best of which, "Saturnalia," Heaven Upside Down as a whole often veers into cataclysmic territory, a common theme for Manson which he's managed to keep fresh throughout the whole album.

10 Linkin Park – One More Light (Warner Music)

Five months after singer Chester Bennington hanged himself, American rock band Linkin Park has released One More Light Live . After a 10-year journey that began with collaborating with Rick Rubin for 2007’s Minutes to Midnight , the band no longer resembles the nu-metal/rap hybrid. This new album cherish, even if some fans disliked, the pop direction. I find it varied and beautiful and I think that style change suits the band perfectly.

Top 10 of 2017 by Zoran

1 Steve Hackett - The Night Siren (InsideOut)

On The Night Siren Hackett manages to display a broad pallet of technical skill, emotion and beauty throughout the entire album and for the most part simultaneously. That kind of 360 degrees experience is something majority of musicians have hard time achieving. After more than four decades in the business Hackett's inspiration and curiosity are at its peak.

2 Anathema - The Optimist (KScope)

The main focus of the album is on the very gist of song-writing. In many ways, most of the songs are extremely simple, but the astonishing sense for arrangements and nonetheless the final mix of the record add the sense of complexity. This means that every time you give the record a spin you notice something new.

3 Moonspell - 1755 (Napalm)

Moonspell's performance, song writing, arrangements and ability to capture the magic on “tape” are eviden on every second of this record. The band has painted a world that embraces the listener with its intensity and ambience. The beauty, obscurity and bombastic, yet moving drama of the material is truly staggering.

4 Dead Cross - Dead Cross (Ipecac)

The sonic debauchery is overwhelming at the first spin, but taking the nature of the music into the consideration it doesn’t take long before it all starts making more sense. This is due to cleverly placed melodic parts, rhythmic breakdowns and let’s not forget the perfectly produced record, curtesy of Ross Robinson. He has managed to capture the rawness of the band without going at compromise with the overall balance and cleanness of the sound.

5 Pain Of Salvation - In the Passing Day of Light (InsideOut)

In the Passing Light of Day has a smooth flow and it feels as a whole, despite its complexity, diversity and long running time. It’s demanding and experimental, but less so then some of band's other releases. As such it resembles Scarsick, because it too, was a look at all the band's previous work. Due to heavier and far more progressive approach many fans will see it as homecoming, but the truth is that yet another extremely skilled POS release and much like the previous ones, it’s simply a damn good record.

6 Power Trip - Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord)

There is almost overwhelming energy in extremely well bolted simplicity of Nightmare Logic. It's straight forward trash mixed with hardcore and punk. It even got me thinking of the first time I’ve heard Slayer's Reign in Blood. The album is just over half an hour long and it’s filled with neckbreaking riffs, ricocheting grooves and almost gang-like quality choruses.

7 Mastodon - Emperor of Sand (Reprise)

It seems that from time to time Mastodon need some kind of let-down in order to shake up and create something truly impressive. It happened after weak Blood Mountain, when they created masterpiece that is Crack the Skye and it looks very much like that after Once More ‘Round the Sun, the band has again created a truly great album. Emperor of Sand is massive yet humble, it’s filled with songs whose impact is colossal yet easy to relate to.

8 Black Country Communion - BCCIV (Mascot Records)

Five years after what looked as the end for one of the most productive super-groups (three albums in two years) Bonamassa, Huges, Shenirian and Bonham are together yet again and they've delivered another great rock record that can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of their previous releases. It's massive yet humble, it's rocking yet spiritual.

9 Overkill - The Grinding Wheel (Nuclear Blast)

With almost two decades behind them it's truly impressive that New Jersey trash legends keep releasing one great album after another and at the same time serve as one of the finest live bands in the genre. The Grinding Wheel is the ultimate trash metal lesson anno 2017.

10 Emptiness – Not for Music (Season of Mist)

Not for Music is so intense that even after 5-6 spins I still felt partly uncomfortable and nonetheless completely wrapped into the music. There is quality to Emptiness’ music that is extremely eerily, gorgeous and sinister. You can point to many aspects of their music as the reason for this, but the truth is that it’s the interaction between these elements that flawlessly creates an atmosphere and experience that is truly out of the ordinary.

Top 10 of 2017 by Brian

1 The Great Old Ones – EOD (Esoteric Order of Dagon): A Tale of Dark Legacy (Season of Mist)

Keeping up with my fetish for the French Black Metal scene, my most played album of the year is the concept album EOD, which goes into details in order to recreate the experience I first had when I first read 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth”: Only in musical form. And this, the third Full-length release (first under the Season of Mist banner) does both their name justice, as well as that of their lyrical source material.

2 Eskapism – Tales of Elder Forest (Folkvangr)

What first caused this band to draw my attention was their excellent rendition of ”Tortured by Solitude”, a cover originally performed by their German genre kinsmen ColdWorld (who happened to top my list last year). Said cover was merely the tip of the iceberg, however, since the Ukraine-based band promptly proved to have a strong sense of atmosphere and music all their own, here made manifest as their first ever release.

3 Raventale – Planetarium (Ashen Dominion)

Raventale is a Ukrainian one-man band, one that sports an impressive eight full-length releases spread across the last twelve years. While the drawback of a one-man band might mean that I risk never getting the chance to see them live, the benefits of same approach is palpable on Planetarium: With one musician at the helm, controlling all the instruments (and competent playing each of them), you easily get a very detailed, coherent whole.

4 Cepheide – Saudade (Self-released)

Cepheide marks the first full-length (second overall) release of (yet another) French band that I have taken a liking to. Being a huge fan of their first Demo release, I had high hopes for their follow-up record – And Saudade did not disappoint. Everything I enjoyed about their first venture was delivered yet again, only in more detail, more tracks and more minutes.

5 Au-Dessus – End of Chapter (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre)

A band that has managed to both impress, confuse and become a small obsession of mine, Au-Dessus is a part of several bands that has taken a more modern approach to the Black Metal genre as a whole. Ranging somewhere between the original Second Wave sound and the Atmospheric version that I so adore, the four Lithuanians have created a band that is somewhat unique, and very interesting, both visually, thematically and musically.

6 Heir - Au Peuple De L'abîme (Les Acteurs De l'Ombre)

French Heir blends together the Black and Sludge Metal genres, creating a sound that is slow, distorted, powerful and just downright dirty. As a band, they have managed to hit a sweetspot between their two origins quite well, adapting the best of both worlds into their own image.

7 Wolves in the Throne Room – Thrice Woven (Artemisia)

The sixth and most recent album to be released by the US-based Black Metal trio also marks a return to their original, ambient and symbolic-oriented roots. While they might not have the world-wide appeal that one might expect for a band as influential as this one, releases such as Thrice Woven still makes it damn sure that the band will not be forgotten.

8 Thantifaxath – Void Masquerading as Matter (Dark Descent)

Four tracks running approximately thirty-six minutes is all it takes for Canadian Black Metallers to prove that if you want something done right, you take the time to do so. Void Masquerading as Matter is their third overall release since their debut six years ago and, despite being an EP length-wise, it carries quite a bit of weight and shows a dedication to detail to rival most full-length releases.

9 Ghost Horizon – The Erotics of Disgust (Self-released)

Ghost Horizon was perhaps the most surprising release for me in all the live-long year. I was promised an American Atmospheric Black Metal one-man band – Which I also received. What I was not prepared for, was the almost ballad-like rhetoric that permeated the entire album. Not to mention the fact of how well he made this work.

10 Kreator – Gods of Violence (Nuclear Blast)

Kreator is a German Thrash Metal band who, as a member of the 'Teutonic Three', rarely requires further introduction. Since their inception in the middle of the eighties, they have only grown to higher and higher levels of fame, as their music becomes more and more refined – Perhaps even more aggressive? But I digress. At any rate, Gods of Violence.

Top 10 of 2016 by Zoran

1 Long Distance Calling - TRIPS (InsideOut)

LDC’s talent has always been obvious, but the level of development and growth that this band displays from one album to another is almost hard to comprehend. With TRIPS they have made one of the biggest steps of their career and that resulted in their finest release so far. The magnificent album is accompanied by just as magnificent packaging.

2 O'Brother – Endless Light (Tirple Crown)

With their latest release, O’Brother not only hit a homerun, but they display an enormous growth. Potential of the band was always obvious, but on Endless Light they not only dared to take a leap and try a different approach, but they also dared to unfold and explore the depth of the band as well as talents of individual band members

3 Russian Money – Nothing for You There (Spectra Music Group)

It was my birthday and I browsed albums released on that very day. Cover of Russian Money’s debut album as well as name of the band caught my eye. I decided to check it out and quickly it was clear that I have just received a great birthday gift. Nothing for You There is the first album by this Californian blues-rock band. It’s characterized by great song-writing, smooth, groovy, captivating vocals and guitars.

4 Gojira - Magma (Roadrunner)

Magma sees Gojira growing while at the same time daring to explore unknown ventures as well as very private sentiments. Nevertheless this is without a doubt a Gojira album with the most identifiable trademarks. Together with The Way of All Flesh this album comes across, not only as one of their two finest releases, but also most certainly their career defining ones.

5 Trees Of Eternity - Hour of the Nightingale (Svart Records)

A perfect swansong by late Aleah Starbridge. Together with her partner Juha Raivio she has created an album where the backbone is the emotional songwriting and Starbridge's gorgeous yet haunting vocals.

6 Karmakanic – Dot (InsideOut)

It’s almost unthinkable making a Top 10 album list without at least one release from InsideOut Records. Dot is a massive classic prog-rock record, which is surprisingly easy to swallow. But with each next spin it reveals more and more. One of the finest InsideOur releases this year.

7 Dunsmuir – Dunsmuir (Hall of Records)

Another supergroup. But this one has released a monster of an album. The début album from members of Clutch, Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu etc. is a straight-forward heavy rocker that hits the nail right on the head.

8 Moanaa - Passage (Arachnophobia Records)

There is certain vitality to Polish music scene. Over the years I've discovered some truly amazing artists hailing from this country. In 2016 I was introduced to Moanaa, whose latest release is great mixture of atmospheri/psychedelic, post-metal/rock and nonetheless sludge/doom. Chew over that one for a second and then give these guys a fair chance.

9 The Cult – Hidden City (Cooking Vinyl)

There is a subtitle depth and shrill power to Hidden City that screams of a band that is at the place in their carrier where they are comfortable, but not jaded. They have a lot to say musically and lyrically and in 2016’s rock landscape The Cult stands as tall and relevant as they did at any of their so-called heyday-periods, whatever the current commercial premises might be.

10 Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake (Nuclear Blast)

From start till the end of this album, Testament are in control. This might mean that there is not much edge and danger in the music, but it also means that this is a extremely well welded piece of trash metal. It’s also a much needed fix as we sit back and wait for the new Kreator album.

Top 10 of 2016 by Brian

1 ColdWorld – Autumn (Cold Dimensions)

A friend of mine introduced me to this German one man band at the start of the year, and I was immediately hooked. I quickly learned that his records are damn near impossible to get your hands on, so the second I realized that a new one were to be released, I ordered it straight away. Best damn decision I made all year.

2 Winterfylleth – The Dark Hereafter (Candlelight)

While it does seem like the band have adopted a somewhat routine approach to their once-a-year releases, none of these are, however, bad in any sense of the word. That in itself is quite impressive, and proves just how dedicaded and professional these British musicians truly are.

3 Mare Cognitum – Luminiferous Aether (I, Voidhanger)

An Atmospheric Black Metal band that somehow managed to stay under my radar for a lot longer than I care to admit. Luminiferous Aether marks the bands fourth full-length release, and it is a very welcome addition to the genre, if I have the ability to make such decisions.

4 Inquiring Blood – Morbid Creation (Kernkraftritter)

The only Death Metal band on my list this year, and by far the best release of its genre that I have come across all year. Inquiring Blood have not forgotten what Old-School Death Metal should sound like – And this album is an excellent example of how to do it right.

5 Insane Vesper – Layil (Art of Propaganda)

Yet another French Black Metal band (it is official – I seem to have a fetish of some sort). Despite having made a somewhat large shift in personnel (a new vocalist and drummer had just joined the band), Insane Vesper made damn sure to prove that they were as good and strong as ever.

6 Liturgy of Decay – First Psalms (Psalms of Agony and Revolt – First and Only Shape) (D-Monic)

A Gothic Metal band not quite like the rest; Probably due to the heavy emphasis on the 'Gothic' part. Liturgy of Decay draws heavily from its inspirational sources which include bands such as The Cure and combine it with church organs and similar devices to create a strong, almost religious, symphonic feel.

7 Créatures - Le Noir Village (ANTIQ)

A French Black Metal band that decides to create a concept album about a Dark Ages-era village under siege by various monsters from myth and legend, with each lead singer (a different one for each track), taking on the role of a inhabitant in said village. What is there not to love?

8 Nebrus – Extra Malornvm (Razed Soul)

An Italian female-fronted duet that impressed me with their high focus on their Doom Metal influences, and managed to succesfully (and as gracefully as can be done) to integrate it into their own personal version of Second Wave Black Metal.

9 Hail Spirit Noir – Mayhem In Blue (Dark Essence)

While definitely not what I would usually consider right up my alley, I will give them credit for having cut out their own little corner of the Black Metal scene that I have yet to find anyone else capable of inhabiting. On top of that, the music seems to grow on you, as time passes. Definitely worth a spin or two.

10 Sabaton – The Last Stand (Nuclear Blast)

Yet another powerhouse performance from these Swedish Power Metal veterans – Expect this time they knocked it up a notch. The Last Stand contains all the aspects that made the band famous in equal measure; Yet they still manage to make it sound even more epic and over the top than the last time.

Top 10 of 2014 by Bato

1 Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls (Epic)

Judas Priest are a band who constantly evolve and never gets too old or tired. With new guitarist Richie Faulkner on board, they sound even more refreshing tand vital. Redeemer of Souls is delving into contemporary heaviness while battling dragons and wielding swords with many epic tracks to follow. Beginning of the End is expertly written and truly envelops the listener in its soft embrace.

2 Slipknot - 5: The Gray Chapter (Roadrunner)

The Gray Chapter manrs a long-awaited return from one of the most brutal and controvercial metal acts from the beginning of the century. It is one hell of a come-back, and even the death of band's bassist and creative force Paul Gray sould not stop them. With 5: The Gray Chapter they proved that they can still produce a great killer metal album.

3 Machine Head - Bloodstone and Diamonds (Nuclear Blast)

Let there be said imidiately, I'm never fully objective when dealing with MH since I've loved this band since its very first steps in the beginning of the 90s. However, I'm aware of the fact that their latest delivery is one that is dividing the fans. Writing a 71-minute album isn't normal procedure for Machine Head, but I trully beleive that they've created a very strong album, with each track offering a straight-forward vibe, beaing challenging and progressive at the same time.

4 Behemoth - The Satanist (Nuclear Blast)

Polish blackened death-metal veteran trio Behemoth have done it again; The Satanist is their brashest, boldest declaration yet. The album overfloweth with doomy riffs, hyperspeed blasts, exultant horns, choirs and eerie spoken-word exhortations throughout the 44 minutes. This is the sound of one of extreme metal's best bands at its most extreme, where they again continues to push the boundaries of the genre with their majestic sonic assault.

5 Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun (Reprise)

One of the most (over)hyped bands for the last five years, was never really my cup of te. It changed with the release of their sixth album Once More 'Round the Sun which is a fantastic listening experience. The album is light on the riffs, but heavy on the hooks. Mastodon's stellar musicianship remains extremely impressive throughout each song.

6 Exodus - Blood In, Blood Out (Nuclear Blast)

2014 was a reletaively good year for thrash metal. Best proof that is the release of Blood In, Blood Out by legendary US veterans from Exodus. On this opus Exodus welcomed back vocalist Steve 'Zetro' Souza while many mourned the departure of Rob Dukes. For me their 10th studio album is one of the career highlights and an essential 2014 record for any fan of old-school thrash metal.

7 Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen (Metal Blade)

This Irish outfit succeeds at making everything about their epic folk metal sound big. Fans of Dio and Iron Maiden searching for more classic storytelling metal would be well advised to seek this out. I've enjoyed every second of it and it simply had to among my top 10 metal albums of this year.

8 Vader - Tibi et Igni (Nuclear Blast)

Vader is one of the most reliably awesome bands in the world of brutal death metal, and Tibi et Igniis just a proof of that. The well-known Vader character absolutely gleams throughout Tibi et Igni, as the band understand their sound. Vader still stick to their roots while creating an exciting death metal record with plenty of huge leads and addictive vocal hooks.

9 At the Gates - At War With Reality (Century Media)

Melodic death metal blueprinters from Sweden, At the Gates, returned in 2014 with their first studio album in many years. At the Gates' unique approach is still recognizible and present in their 2014 At War With Reality opus. Fans and critics like myself have been going nuts for this album since its autumn release.

10 Overkill – White Devil Armory (Nuclear Blast)

The way Overkill can keep classic thrash fresh is astonishing. After all those years they are still the kings of thrash and their hot streak continued this year with the release of White Devil Armory. Bobby Blitz is as sharp as ever, while guitarist Dave Linsk proves why he's one of the thrash's most valuable shredders.

Top 10 of 2014 by Simona

1 Nickelback – No Fixed Address (Repuplic Records)

One of the reasons why this album is awesome is that all the songs are realistic, as we all more or less have experienced things they sing about. Nickelback manage to sing the lyrics that are listenable and understandable, and this album is no exception. Music instruments harmonize with their emotional lyrics. It is an album/band I appreciate every time I listen to the music.

2 Machine Head – Bloodstone and Diamonds (Nuclear Blast)

It is always a great pleasure to listen to Machine Head's music. While listening to this record one almost gets this 'out of body experience' with their fantastic instruments, a solid pace and overall typical Hard-core/Thrash aggression. One can feel the blood flow through the body, and out of the veins. This makes MH's album one of the best in 2014.

3 Arch Enemy - War Eternal (Century Media)

I never thought that there would be such a talented vocalist after Angela Gossow, but I was mistaken. Alissa White-Gluz do it just as well with her harsh screams mixed with clean vocals, and death growls etc. Definitely an album that kicked the wall away in 2014.

4 Cannibal Corpse - A Skeletal Domain (Metal Blade)

Yet again manages cannibals to give listeners the chance to get into their world of blood, death, destruction, rape and such on this CD. If you didn't have nightmare before, then I ganantee that you will afte rlistening to this latest offering from CC. The album is pure death metal assault, with its focus on dark and brutal themes.

5 Judas Priest - Redeemer Of Souls (Columbia)

This unique album has many things to offer. With heavy dark sounds and instruments and Rob Halford's voice puts icing on the cake. There are many good rhythmic progressions that makes the album special. We can quickly ascertain that Priest is back stronger than before.

6 Illdisposed – With The Lost Souls On Our Side (Massacre Records)

Again Danish Illdisposed ready with one of their albums. This time they play complex style with tons of tempo changes, while still very aggressive and very technical and at times sounding like an American death metal band.

7 Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare (Season Of Mist)

When I mention Mayhem most of you probably gets images of burned churches, satanic sacrifice entries etc. to your mind. If you listen to this album you tend to forget all about it. On this album you can hear sound dark and satanic lyrics, and everything is running as it should, but they are slightly less aggressive and blasphemic than before. It actually suits them very well.

8 Behemoth – The Satanist (Nuclear Blast)

This album from Polish masters Behemoth is very deep and raw. The songs are brutal, fast and melodic at the same time. So are the instruments. It's a fantastic piece of eastern european death metal.

9 Vader - Tibi Et Igni (Nuclear Blast)

Lots of good and well played riffs, tight and fast drumming and unique vocals. Tibi Et Ingi is a very good and explosively brutal metal. It also a very enjoyable album, as a death metal album can be.

10 Slipknot – 5: The Gray Chapter (Roadrunner)

I was confident that many were excited to hear who would replace Joey Jordison in this all-American masked monster. Could he do it just as well? After listening to this new opus, one is confident that the replacements are good and convinsing. You can hear the aggressive style of music and energetic sounds that have been a trademark for 'knots' for years.

Top 10 of 2014 by Zoran

1 Sleeping Pulse- Under the Same Sky (Prophecy Productions)

First release from Anitmatter's Mick Moss and Painted Black's Luis Fazendeiro is simply one of the fines examples of spot on emotional songwriting and performance where the focus is always on the very gist of those amazing tunes. Not only is this the best album I've heard this year, but perhaps also the best album I've heard in past few years.

2 Manes - Be All End All (Debemur Morti Productions)

Seven years after their masterpiece How the World Came to an End the norwegian experimental wizards are back with another brilliant collection of music inspired by rock, trip hop, jazz, metal, electronica and what not.

3 Killer Be Killed - Killer Be Killed (Nuclear Blast)

Getting the members of Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Soulfully and The Mars Volta together resulted in debut album that in many combines most of the trademarks from above mentioned bands with some very good songwriting. The dynamics of three different singers sharing vocal duties add the album even more diversity. Let's hope that Killer Be Killed is not one off.

4 Behemoth – The Satanist (Nuclear Blast)

I've never really been into black/death metal, but the latest release from Polish Behemoth is simply an astonishing piece of work. The vision, the depth, the musicianship and originality catches the listener like dear in the headlights. It's intense, grand, brutal and nonetheless gorgeous. One of the few albums from the genre that truly knocked me off my feet.

5 Sanctuary - The Year the Sun Died (Century Media)

25 years after their previous release the mighty americans are back with what is probably the best album of their career. What you get is classic heavy metal in its purest form. No big surprises but just a collection of eminently written and performed heavy metal songs.

6 Robert Plant - Lullaby And The Ceaseless Roar (Nonesuch)

Robert Plant's tenth studio album is among his finest solo releases. The musical and lyrical depth is massive without ever being pretentious. The stunning production, mix and arrangements scream to be enjoyed on great pair of headphones.

7 Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds (Nuclear Blast)

After somewhat stale Under the Locust Machine Head are back with an album that is very much Machine Head album, but also an album that dares to tap into diverse inspirations. Result is an album that is suitable for any fan of the band - regardless which era of band's +20 year long career you prefer.

8 OFF! - Wasted Years (Vice)

Punk "supergroups" are rare. OFF! consists of some true legends of Cali punk rock scene from past three decades another second release is just as spot-on old school punk as their debut. Classic punk of OFF! is something punk scene needed badly. Let's hope for more of the same in the near future.

9 Accept - Blind Rage (Nuclear Blast)

Three albums into their "second life" with Mark Tornillo on vocals replacing the legendary Udo Dirkschneider, Accept are still riding high. Rarely do bands manage to get away with replacing lead vocalist so late in their career. Accept did just that and Blind Rage is one of their fines albums released with Tornillo.

10 Swans - To Be Kind (Young God / Mute)

Thirteenth Swans album sees them so extremely focused that it almost hurts. Gira & Co. had possibly created their best album since the reforming in 2010.

Top 10 of 2014 by Brian

1 Satanic Warmaster – Fimbulwinter (Werewolf Records)

Last year, the one-man Black Metal band released their fifth full-length album. While it may not be anything particularly excellent even by Satanic Warmaster standards, it is definitely still a worthy addition to the ever-increasing portfolio of this very talented musician. Mind you, while I said that the album is nothing special compared to his previous work, that is not to be interpreted as a bad release, merely of the same high standard and quality that I have been accustomed to see from this musician.

2 Dawn of a Dark Age – The Six Elements, Volume 1: Earth (Self-released)

By far the most ambitious project I have ever come across, and one that I cannot praise enough. As a matter of fact, the only reason it is not my number one this year is that it truly shines when combined with the albums to follow (which was not released until the year after).

3 Holy Moses – Redefined Mayhem (Steamhammer)

German Thrash Metallers Holy Moses have fully risen from their short break in the nineties back up to their former glory here at the beginning of 2014. Every ounce of aggression, violence and anger that you expect to find within their music is still present and only serves to prove that the band is still going strong.

4 Tankard – R.I.B (Nuclear Blast Records)

The year 2014 saw quite a few resurgences from old Thrash Metal bands. Many of them seemed almost desperate to prove that they are still alive and kicking, and every bit as ferocious as when they were in their prime. Tankard is no exception, and they do it just as well as their kinsmen (and genre-men) above them on the list. Putting Holy Moses above Tankard was a hard choice to make, since both albums are excellent.

5 1349 – Massive Cauldron of Chaos (Season of Mist)

Not wanting to be too far behind their Finnish conuterpart, Norwegian 1349 also released a great new album this year. Again, it is a worthy addition to their repetoire, one that, once more, might not be their best work, but it is pretty damn close.

6 Obituary – Inked in Blood (Relapse Records)

Classic Death Metal, the way it is supposed to sound. Obituary delivers, and as usual, do not disappoint.

7 Exodus – Blood in, Blood out (Nuclear Blast)

As I stated above, 2014 was more or less a Thrash Metal year. Exodus also released a new full-length release, one that I believe is not as good as their Exhibit B release, but still a must-have from this excellent year.

8 Sodom – Sacred Warpath (Steamhammer)

As I stated above, 2014 was more or less a Thrash Metal year. Exodus also released a new full-length release, one that I believe is not as good as their Exhibit B release, but still a must-have from this excellent year.

9 Nightwish/Within Temptation/Epica - The Three Goddesses of Metal: The Best Songs from (Infernal Racket)

Three of the greatest female-led Gothic Metal bands out there, signing up to create a splip EP with all of their most well-known and loved tracks from throughout their careers – What is there not to love?

10 Accept -Blind Rage (Nuclear Blast)

Despite getting a new lead singer a few years ago, Accept is till going strong, completely undaunted by the fact that they lost the near-legendary Udo Dirkschneider. And no wonder; since they are doing just as well with Mark Tornillo as a lead man.

Top 10 of 2013 by Zoran

1 Steven Wilson - Raven That Refused To Sing (KScope)

Steven Wilson - Raven That Refused To Sing

With his third solo album, Wilson has created a true prog masterpiece and his best album to date. The Raven That Refused to Sing makes it bit harder for us to miss Porcupine Tree.

2 Monster Magnet – Last Patrol (Napalm Records)

Band's ninth album is their best in almost a decade. Last Patrol is sound of confident band and none the less a band that is completely comfortable in their role. This album is a collection of perfectly crafted psychedelic rock with an undeniable 60/70's garage-rock feel.

3 The Winery Dogs - The Winery Dogs (Loud & Proud Records)

One of those "super groups" that did just about everything perfectly on their debut album. Songs are extremely well written and of course extremely well performed. Sheehan, Kotzen and Portnoy have created a beast of an record that is at the same time down to Earth collection of pure rock songs inspired by the 70's rock as well as growing and few bit more modern spaces as well.

4 Haken – The Mountain (InsideOut)

This is a monumental album, worthy of its title. And bearing in mind that this is third album out of three where this band delivers amazing collection of music, it makes them one of the most interesting new(er) prog names.

5 In Vain – Ænigma (Indie Recordings)

I rarely go for melodic black/death metal, but this is simply a great album. It's layered, emotional and with a concrete focus on the very gist of the rather solid song-writing.

6 Von Hertzen Brothers – Nine Lives (Spinefarm Records)

Von Hertzen Brothers – Nine Lives (Spinefarm Records)

Von Hertzen Brothers refuse to let the lack of commercial success to stray them from releasing yet another phenomenal record. Nine Lives is extremely complex, yet very accessible and as mad as you'd only expect from a Finish band. Ok, Icelandic bands could match it as well.

7 Long Distance Calling – The Flood Inside (Superball Music/EMI)

German (mostly) instrumental band, created yet another great record, and what makes it even better is that half of the songs contain vocals.

8 New Model Army – Between Dog and Wolf (Attack Attack)

New Model Army – Between Dog and Wolf (Attack Attack)

Four years after one of the heaviest records of their career, the Englishmen return with one of their most experimental releases to date. The 12th album is based around very interesting rhythmical patterns and melodies/lyrics packed with the upright down to earth feel, which has been a trademark of the band for over three decades.

9 Riverside – Shrine of New Generation Slaves (InsideOut Records)

Four year break did good to this polish bands. Their previous album failed to impress as much as their previous releases, but the new album perfectly balances the band's past as well as the new grounds.

10 Ashes Of Ares – Ashes Of Ares (Nuclear Blast)

Ashes of Ares is an extremely solid debut record that in many ways feels modern, but also nostalgic. It's majestic and huge, but at the same time emotional en humble. And let's not forget, a pure heavy metal record.

Top 10 of 2013 by Brian

1 Shining – 8½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd (Dark Essence/Karisma)

A blast from the past! All I can say is that I never expected to find such perfect Second Wave Black Metal in this day and age. But then again, Shining always deliver.

2 Chthonic - Bú-Tik (Spinefarm)

Vietnamese Black Metal combined with traditional Vietnamese folklore and instruments. It sounds peculiar, but the results are undeniable and a must-listen-to album of 2013.

3 Accept - Blood of Nations (Nuclear Blast)

Yet another blast from the past! Blood of the Nations is the second album featuring Accept's new front man and he was quite clearly risen to the challenge. While I doubt that Accept as a band will never truly leave the shadow of former lead singer Udo's new band UDO, they have proven that they can manage just fine without him.

4 Payload – Odyssey Dawn (Shadow Records)

Hard Rock, with heavy eighties influences. Need I say more?

5 Sarkom – Doomsday Elite (Dark Essence)

6 Aosoth – IV: Arrow in Heart (Agonia Records)

French Black Metal was new to me when I was first introduced to Aosoth, and to be honest, I did not expect all that much. For the same reason my glee was palpable when their fourth album hit me like a hammer to the head.

7 Hell:on – Hunt (Code7/Plastic Head/Sure Shot Worx)

Death/Thrash Metal combo bands are becoming more and more popular these days and while few manage to pull it off, those who do are usually very awesome. Hell:on is one of these.

8 Izegrim – Congress of the Insane (Listenable Records)

Melodic Death Metal very strong associations (soundwise at least) to Arch Enemy. Like their Swedish/German counterparts, Dutch Izegrim are lead by a female vocalist who knows hoe to growl and do it well.

9 Pretty Maids – Motherland (Frontiers Records)

Another Hard Rock release, from a band that has been around since the eighties no less (plus, they are danes! Not that necessarily means that they are good, except in this case)

10 U.D.O – Steelhammer (AFM Records)

German Heavy Metaller U.D.O has been around for several decades, he knows what he is doing and what the kids want – Granted, those kids grew up a long time ago, but U.D.O is still going strong and doing what he does best.

Top 10 of 2011 by Bato

1 Machine Head – Unto The Locust (Roadrunner)

Unto The Locust is characterized by truly epic song-writing and every song is strong on its own. I consider Unto the Locust as one of 2011's essential albums where these San Francisco metal giants re-found their lane, and they’re fucking riding it. I’m proud to be a fan of one of the best thrashing bands around.

2 Mastodon – The Hunter (Reprise)

Each song from The Hunter is a story for itself. With good production, outstanding melodies and awesome vocals, this album is one of the strongest candidates for the album of the year.

3 Novembers Doom – Aphotic (The End

With all of the songs are perfectly composed and extremely well-balanced, offering a mixture of soft ballads, depressive and melancholic songs and heavier ones too - Aphotic is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year; portraying the band that is self-confident and highly skilled

4 Staind – Staind (Atlantic)

Songs run smoothly keeping the high level throughout the whole album. Production is spot on give in the band certain heaviness, while still keeping the sound clean and balanced. Both song writing and performance are in top and, everything is the way it should be. Staind is one of their least predictable albums.

5 Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape Artist (Capitol)

The ten songs of album are very good display of this band’s qualities, when it comes to performance and song writing. It is very catchy and smooth, yet short and direct. I simply love this album and can highly recommend it for any true lover of the Rock music.

6 Iron Maiden - From Fear To Eternity (EMI)

This two and a half hour double-CD reflects how Iron Maiden continues to create, push boundaries, take risks, and follow their instincts. Forget all about fashion and trends; as this remarkable offering simply shows Maiden doing what Maiden does best – Metal!

7 Opeth - Heritage (Roadrunner Records)

Opeth has been known to experiment with their sound in the past, and they were good at it. With their latest 2011-album, Heritage, Opeth has once again stepped away from a traditional death metal, but crafts a more mystical and folk-laden sound than its predecessor. Thus, Heritage satisfies a reflective mood and progressive taste, and Opeth carries it out with the expected musical skill and brilliance that they have always been known for.

8 KRV – Ograma (Zero Budget Productions)

Krv (Bosnian for ‘Blood’) is one of the rare black metal bands coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ograma is the title for the latest offering by a Bosnian black metal outfit; Krv. The opus is very strong and raw album, which contains two different materials; firstly newly recorded Ograma with its ten tracks and U Kamenom Grobu, a 5-tracker EP from 2004. This shit is crazy, ambient and atmospheric.

9 Megadeth – Th1rt3en (Roadrunner)

Maybe not the best Megadeth album ever, but definitely one worth of your attention because it is basically ‘back to roots album’ and with a great balance, technicality and excellent song-writing.

10 Rammstein - Made in Germany 1995–2011 (Universal)

Not an ordinary album but rather a collection of their best hits. Almost 14 years since its formation German’s most notorious metal outfit released this double CD as a career retrospective. Made in Germany 1995–2011, contains a ‘best of album’ and ‘best of remixes’.

Top 10 of 2011 by Zoran

1 Mastodon - The Hunter (Reprise)

Musical approach is somewhat simpler than that on Crack The Skye, at least there aren't long songs there and prog approach to songwriting is not as present. However Mastodon's music is, if possible, even more challenging. The Hunter is in its own right just as spectacular album as its predecessor.

2 Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape Artist (Capitol)

The ten songs on the album are very good display of this band’s qualities, when it comes to performance and songwriting. Songs flow with ease and they are catchy from the first spin, but arrangements and textures of soundscapes keep surprising you with each new spin of the record. The Great Escape Artist was worth a wait and while it’s not as revolutionary as Ritual De Lo Habitual, in many ways it’s just as good an album

3 Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events (Roadrunner)

Mike Portnoy's departure was a kick band needed. After couple of weaker albums the band is back with a fresh and vital progressive metal album, their strongest in many years.

4 Blackfield – Welcome To My DNA (Kscope)

Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen have created their best album to date. The focus is on the very core of the songwriting, with some interesting musical textures making the musical experience even more pleasurable.

5 Leprous - Bilateral (InsideOut)

Leprous music is mixture of just about anything that has been going on in rock/metal genre over last 4 decades. The best thing about this album is that none of the countless inspirations seem forced, calculated or futile – no, they just feel creative and genuine. Bilateral as a jaw dropping musical ride full of passion delivered by the band who knows how to keep that simple gist of the music, no matter how complex the material

6 Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning (Kscope)

Wilson’s second studio album proved that he is one of the most important and most productive musician of past decade. The albums diversity, atmosphere and songwriting make this album even better than its predecessor.

7 Insomnium – One For Sorrow (EMI/Century Media)

The feel of total control is overwhelming, but the beauty of it is that it never overshadows the absolute blistering force of energy and gorgeous atmosphere. No, it rather serves as a tool for accomplishing the two.

8 Anthrax – Worship Music (Nuclear Blast)

Anthrax have delivered another good album, but with more Anthrax identity in the sound this album could have been even better. On all the other levels this is very much so an Anthrax album and it's positive to see that The Big 4 success didn't make the band turn their heads on Bush era. Worship Music is a great representation of Anthrax's three decades long career.

9 Machine Head – Unto The Locust (Roadrunner)

Unto The Locust is another strong release from Bay Area thrashers. It might not be among their best albums, but it’s still a very good record. If only they could’ve left out that hideous album closer, “Who We Are”.

10 Man-Eating Tree – Harvest (Century Media)

Throughout the whole album there is a depth and emotion to each song yet The Man-Eating Tree make it sound effortless and that is such a statement of this band’s qualities and potential.