Here's a list of what we've been listening to lately.
Make sure to check out the albums you are unfamiliar with, you might just be missing out on some amazing music.

by Bato

Editor in charge, webmaster and writer
Member since 2005

  1. AMORPHIS: Live At Helsinki Ice Hall (Nuclear Blast)
  2. AT THE GATES: The Nightmare Of Being (Century Media)
  3. FEAR FACTORY: Aggression Continuum (Nuclear Blast)
  4. FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: Blood In The Water (AFM)
  5. HELLOWEEN: Helloween (Nuclear Blast)
  6. MONSTER MAGNET: A Better Dystopia (Napalm Records)
  7. SATYRICON: Dark Medieval Times/The Shadowthrone (Napalm)
  8. WEDNESDAY 13: Necrophaze - Antidote (Nuclear Blast)
  9. OSSUAIRE: Mortes Fables (Nihilistic Holocaust)
  10. PAUL STANLEY'S SOULSTATION: Now And Then (Universal)

by Simona

Member since 2005

  1. PARADISE LOST: Believe In Nothing (EMI)
  2. THE DOORS: Greatest Hits (Duchesse)
  3. ALICE IN CHAINS: Dirt (Columbia)
  4. NICKELBACK: Volume 1 The Best of (Roadrunner)
  5. DESTRUCTION: Born To Thrash (Nuclear)
  6. ALICE COOPER: Detroit Stories (Ear Music)
  7. THE DOORS: The Music’s Over Live (Lizard)
  8. EPICA: Omega (Nuclear)
  9. THRON: Pilgrim (Listenable)
  10. TYPE O NEGATIVE: October Rust (Roadrunner)

by Zoran

Writer, photographer and webmaster
Member since 2007

  1. HELLOWEEN: Helloween (Nuclear Blast)
  2. HELLOWEEN: Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part II (Noise)
  3. HELLOWEEN: Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part I (Noise)
  4. HELLOWEEN: Time Of The Oath (Castle)
  5. HELLOWEEN: Master Of The Rings (Castle)
  6. HELLOWEEN: Chameleon (EMI)
  7. HELLOWEEN: Pink Bubbles Go Ape (EMI)
  8. HELLOWEEN: Better Than Raw (Castle)
  9. HELLOWEEN: Walls Of Jericho (Noise)
  10. HELLOWEEN: Rabbit Don't Come Easy (Nuclear Blast)

by Brian

Member since 2012

  1. GRIMOIRE: L'Aorasie des spectres rêveurs (Eisenwald)
  2. NO PLEASURE IN LIFE: Happiness Is Not An Option (Primal Vomit)
  3. 1349: Hellfire (Candlelight)
  4. WHO DIES IN SIBERIAN SLUSH: Intimate Death Experience (Frozen Light)
  5. SORDIDE: Les Idées Blanche (Les Acteurs De l'Ombre)
  6. WINTERFYLLETH: The Mercian Sphere (Candlelight)
  7. DARKSPACE: - (Self-released)
  8. BOLT THROWER: Honour – Valour – Pride (Metal Blade)
  9. ARTILLERY: By Inheritance (R/C)
  10. WOODS OF YPRES: The Green Album (Earache)

by Zora

Member since 2021

  1. KROSIS: A Memoir of Free Will (Unique Leader Records)
  2. KEVIN DRUMM: Imperial Distortion (Hospital Productions)
  3. TAYLOR DUPREE AND MARK FISHER: In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes (12K)
  4. HUMANITY'S LAST BREATH: Valde (Unique Leader Records)
  5. MEREDITH MONKk: Atlas: An Opera in Three Parts (ECM New Series)
  6. ABNORMALITY: Mechanisms of Omniscience (Metal blade Records)
  7. ZAO: Where blood and Fire Bring Rest (Solid State)
  8. MAUDLIN OF THE WELL: Leaving Your Body Map (Dark Symphony)
  9. BILL EVANS TRIO: Sunday At The Village Vanguard (Riverside)
  10. ETTEA JAMES: Let's Roll (Private Recordings)