Here's a list of what we've been listening to lately.
Make sure to check out the albums you are unfamiliar with, you might just be missing out on some amazing music.

by Bato

Editor in charge, webmaster and writer
Member since 2005

  1. ÅSKOG: Varþnaþer (Corrupted Flesh)
  2. BLAZE BAYLEY: War Within Me (Blaze Bayley Recording)
  3. CANNIBAL CORPSE: Violence Unimagined (Metal Blade)
  4. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE: Scream Aim Fire (Sony MBG)
  5. VOLBEAT: Guitar Gansters & Cadillac Blood (Mascot)
  6. PHILIP LYNOTT: Solo In Soho (Phonogram)
  7. AC/DC: Ballbreaker (EastWest)
  8. PAPA ROACH: Getting Away With Murder (Geffen)
  9. SLIPKNOT: 9.0: Live (Roadrunner)
  10. THE SMASHING PUMPKINS: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Virgin)

by Simona

Member since 2005

  1. PARADISE LOST: Believe In Nothing (EMI)
  2. THE DOORS: Greatest Hits (Duchesse)
  3. ALICE IN CHAINS: Dirt (Columbia)
  4. NICKELBACK: Volume 1 The Best of (Roadrunner)
  5. DESTRUCTION: Born To Thrash (Nuclear)
  6. ALICE COOPER: Detroit Stories (Ear Music)
  7. THE DOORS: The Music’s Over Live (Lizard)
  8. EPICA: Omega (Nuclear)
  9. THRON: Pilgrim (Listenable)
  10. TYPE O NEGATIVE: October Rust (Roadrunner)

by Zoran

Writer, photographer and webmaster
Member since 2007

by Brian

Member since 2012

  1. WOODS OF YPRES: The Green Album (Earache)
  2. COMATOSE VIGIL: Not A Gleam Of Hope (Marche Funebre)
  3. BOLT THROWER: … For Victory (Earache)
  4. WHO DIES IN SIBERIAN SLUSH: We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago... ( Solitude)
  5. DARKSPACE: -I (Self-released)
  6. GALLOWBRAID: Ashen Eidolon (Northern Silence)
  7. BORGNE: Les Temps (Les Acteurs De l'Ombre)
  8. GRIMOIRE: L'Aorasie des spectres rêveurs (Eisenwald)
  9. WINTERFYLLETH: The Divination of Antiquity (Candlelight)
  10. AHAB: The Giant (Napalm)


by Zora

Member since 2021

  1. KROSIS: A Memoir of Free Will (Unique Leader Records)
  2. KEVIN DRUMM: Imperial Distortion (Hospital Productions)
  3. TAYLOR DUPREE AND MARK FISHER: In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes (12K)
  4. HUMANITY'S LAST BREATH: Valde (Unique Leader Records)
  5. MEREDITH MONKk: Atlas: An Opera in Three Parts (ECM New Series)
  6. ABNORMALITY: Mechanisms of Omniscience (Metal blade Records)
  7. ZAO: Where blood and Fire Bring Rest (Solid State)
  8. MAUDLIN OF THE WELL: Leaving Your Body Map (Dark Symphony)
  9. BILL EVANS TRIO: Sunday At The Village Vanguard (Riverside)
  10. ETTEA JAMES: Let's Roll (Private Recordings)