Here's a list of what we've been listening to lately.
Make sure to check out the albums you are unfamiliar with, you might just be missing out on some amazing music.


by Bato

Editor in charge, webmaster and writer
Member since 2005

  1. AXEL RUDI PELL: Sign Of The Times (SPV)
  2. CADAVER: D.G.A.F. (Nuclear Blast)
  3. BLAZE BAYLEY: Live In Czech (Blaze Bayley Recording)
  4. KATATONIA: City Burials (Peaceville)
  5. DESTRUCTION: Born To Thrash (Nuclear Blast)
  6. HAKEN: Virus (InsideOut)
  7. MUSTASCH: Killing It For Life (Tritonus)
  8. MYRKYR: Folkesange (Relapse)
  9. VADER: Solitude In Madness (Nuclear Blast)
  10. WITCHER: A Gyertyák Csonkig Égnek (Filosofem)


by Simona

Member since 2005

  1. MERCYFUL FATE: Melissa (Roadrunner)
  2. KINGDOM COME: In Your Face (Polydor)
  3. BLAZE BAYLEY: Live In Czech (Blaze Bayley Recording)
  4. VAMPIRE: City Rex (Century Media)
  5. PARADISE LOST: Obsidian (Nuclear Blast)
  6. LAMB OF GOD: LAMP Of God (Nuclear Blast)
  7. FALCONER: From A Dying Ember (Metal Blade)
  8. NICKELBACK: Here And Now (Roadrunner)
  9. VADER: Solitude In Madness (Nuclear Blast)
  10. NICKELBACK: Dark Horses (Roadrunner)


by Zoran

Writer, webmaster & photographer
Member since 2007

  1. HAKEN: Virus (InsideOut)
  2. WITCCHING: Vernal (1973605)
  3. IDLE HANDS: Don't Waste Your Time II (Lone Fir Records)
  4. ALEAH: Aleah (Svart Records)
  5. RIVIERE: Passage (Self-released)
  6. EKSEPTION: 3 (Universal Music B.V.)
  7. DEVILSKIN: Red (Devilskin Ltd.)
  8. BLIND EGO: Preaching to the Choir (Gentle Art of Music)
  9. TESLA: Bust A Nut (Geffen)
  10. A PERFECT CIRCLE: Mer de Noms (Virgin)


by Brian

Member since 2012

  1. WHO DIES IN SIBERIAN SLUSH: We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago... (Solitude)
  2. SADNESS: Rain (Self-released)
  3. COLOSSEUM: Chapter 1: Delirium (Firedoom)
  4. CARACH ANGREN: This is No Fairytale (Season of Mist)
  5. AHAB: The Call of the Wretched Sea (Napalm)
  6. THE GREAT OLD ONES: Cosmicism (Season of Mist)
  7. EA: Ea Taesse (Solitude)
  8. COLDWORLD: Melancholie2 (Cold Dimensions)
  9. CEPHEIDE: Respire (Self-released)
  10. PROFETUS: The Sadness of Time Passing (Avantgarde)