by Bato

1. ALICE COOPER: Paranormal (Playground)
3. DESTRUCTION: Thrash Anthems II (Nuclear Blast)
4. CANNIBAL CORPSE: Red Before Black (Metal Blade)
5. ENSLAVED: E (Nuclear Blast)
6. MONSTER MAGNET: Spine Of God (Napalm)
7. NINE INCH NAILS: Add Violence (Caroline)
8. SATYRICON: Deep Calleth Upon Deep (Napalm)
9. W.A.S.P.: Re-Idolized (Napalm)
10. SAMAEL: Hegemony (Napalm)

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by Simona

1: CANNIBAL CORPSE: Red Before Black (Metal Blade)
2: ENSLAVED: E (Nuclear Blast)
3: EPICA: The Spark (PIAS)
4: BAD KARMA: Death Has No Calling Card (Shadow Kingdom)
5: HELSOTT: The Healer (M-Theory)
6: NYT LIV: Livet Brænder (Self released)
7: PARADISE LOST: Medusa (Nuclear Blast)
8: NECROSIS: Mythogenisis (Self released)
9: MORTISS: The Great Corrupter (Ominpresence)
10: RAGE: Seasons Of The Black (Nuclear Blast)

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 by Zoran

1: QUICKSAND: Interiors (Epitah)
2: SONS OF APOLLO: Psychotic Symphony (InsideOut)
3: PRIMUS: The Desaturating Seven (ATO)
4: POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM: Manta (Selfreleased)
5: EVIL INVADERS: Feed Me Violence (Napalm)
6: LIVING COLOUR: Shade (Megaforce)
8: MASTODON: Cold Dark Place (Reprise)
9: HERE LIES MAN: Here Lies Man (Selfreleased)
10: MYRKUR: Mareridt (Relapse)

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by Brian

1: SADNESS: Somewhere Along Our Memory (Self-released)
2: PHOTOPHOBIA: Humana Fragilitas (Immortal Frost)
3: THY LIGHT: Suici.De.Pression (Ruin Productions)
4: COLDWORLD: TheStarsAreDeadNow (Self-released)
5: CEPHEIDE: Respire (Self-released)
6: PUNGENT STENCH: Ampeauty (Nuclear BlasT)
7: THE GREAT OLD ONES: Tekeli-Li (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions)
8: SADNESS: Close (Depressive Illusion Records)
9: MALEVOLENTIA: République (Epictural Production)
10: NO PLEASURE IN LIFE: Happiness is not an Option (Primal Vomit Records)

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